Succeeding With Express Service as an Automotive Maintenance Technician

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Waiting in the lobby of an automotive repair shop to have routine maintenance done is often not a favourite activity. Fortunately, this is where express services come in. Express services typically consist of a menu of services like oil changes and simple tune ups which can be done in a predetermined, short amount of time. Car owners love express service because they know they can get the service their car needs quickly and conveniently.

Express service requires careful consideration, because any time you promise a customer fast service, you have to be able to deliver. Succeeding with express service can be challenging, but with the right approach, it’s possible to create a fantastic customer experience with express services.

Read on to learn how you can help your shop’s express service program succeed.

Form the Right Team of Automotive Service Technicians

It’s no secret that customers come for an express service when they want their vehicle attended to quickly and efficiently. In order to provide a great experience each and every time, it’s important to put your best foot forward by employing the best automotive maintenance technician team you can. Make sure that your team has top training as well as plenty of hands-on experience so that they don’t feel overwhelmed. In addition, experience managing intense situations and working quickly can help mechanics avoid creating a bottle neck.

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Forming an efficient team is important for express services

Make Commonly Used Tools and Parts Readily Available to Automotive Service Technicians

There’s nothing that slows down a service faster than not having engine oil or lubricants on hand when needed. If you’re working in a shop that offers express services after your auto mechanic training program, always ensure that the express service area is fully stocked at the beginning of your shift. For especially busy days, like a Saturday, have a system in place to indicate if supplies need to be stocked. For example, have a certain area where you place an empty container that the individual responsible for restocking can see easily. These indicators will help you stay stocked up with all the supplies you need to perform speedy services.

Don’t Oversell Express Services to Customers

Customer loyalty is very important for express services. The better experience you can create, the more your customers will keep coming back. Therefore, it’s extremely important to establish a trusting relationship in the short amount of time that you have with the customer. If the customer only remembers you or other staff trying to up sell them on services they don’t need, you’ll lose their repeat business. With that being said, it’s part of any profitable auto shop’s business plan to actively promote and sell services. When suggesting services or repairs to your customers, make sure that they are only services they actually need and are going to benefit from. Knowing that you’re looking out for their best interest will keep customers coming back!

Dedicate Certain Service Lanes to Express Service

In order to improve your express service efficiency, consider designating particular service lanes to express services only. Depending on the size of your shop and the volume of business you do, you could set aside one, two, or even three lanes solely for quick services. This helps prevent a bottle neck, and makes it easier for technicians by keeping everything needed for quick services in one convenient location. By creating systems and efficiencies like designated lanes, you can help control the amount of time spent by technicians on express services, which has a direct impact the shop’s bottom line.

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