How To Succeed As A Body Shop Owner After Collision Estimating Training

Collision estimators’ work requires them to look out for the smallest details in accident-impacted vehicles. They work closely with auto technicians to devise the best repair and maintenance plan for vehicles that need these services. And when they decide to set up these body shops themselves, they’ll need all the help they can get to keep the wheels in motion. This article discusses the actions a trained collision estimator should take to successfully run a body shop. Some of the tips we recommend are briefly described below. 

Build Relationships with Insurance Adjusters and Agents 

Your work as a collision estimator will require you to be regularly in touch with insurance professionals. You can find value in creating rapport with them as they are key to your business’s operations and success after undergoing collision estimation training. 

They can help you process claims quicker and facilitate more efficient turnovers. Therefore, try as much as possible to establish long-term partnerships with them. Attend networking events that involve them and update your knowledge on the latest insurance sector trends, regulations, and practices that affect your business. 

Build Relationships with Auto Parts Suppliers

Most individuals pursuing auto careers need access to auto parts vendors as a necessity. The services rendered by these Auto Parts suppliers are integral to the work of collision estimators for apparent reasons. As a collision estimator running an auto shop, you’ll need them to deliver supplies of work tools and auto parts to service vehicles that collisions have impacted. And if your vendor is reliable, offers fair prices, and delivers on time, your work will be a lot easier and better. So it is important to find an auto parts dealer you can trust. 

Hire Talented, Trained Technicians and Treat Them Well 

After finishing a good automotive school and opting to run an auto body shop, you’ll need to assemble your workforce at some point. You need a team of skilled, well-trained, and knowledgeable technicians to perform quality auto body works in your shop. This is so you can attract customers who rely on your services and pay as charged without trouble.

Auto body shop owner and his workers after collision estimating training
Your workforce is important to your success as an auto body shop owner after your collision estimating training.

Your team must be good enough to work with the resources you provide and be adept at using the tools on your work floor. Also, you must provide them with the right tools and working conditions to get the best out of them. Quality workmanship will gain you the trust of satisfied customers who will be willing to refer you or drop by again when necessary. 

Deliver Good Customer Service After Collision Estimating Training

If you want your customers to be able to refer you to others and rely on your services at all times, you must deliver good customer service. Quality customer service demands that you carry your customers along throughout the repair process.

Collision estimator interacting with customers after collision estimating training
One of the most effective ways to build up your auto repair business after collision estimating training is to deliver excellent customer service.

Quote fair prices as much as possible and keep open lines of communication between you and them. Deliver promptly and use only quality tools and service parts/auto parts on their vehicles. The quality of service you render to them and the relationship you build with them will help your business in the long run. 

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