Subaru Planning a Plug-in Diesel Hybrid SUV


Those training for automotive careers or undergoing car sales training will be pleased to know that Subaru is embarking into exciting new territory with the release of a plug-in diesel hybrid vehicle. The word came via Yasuyuki Yoshinaga, president of Fuji Heavy Industries, the parent company of Subaru. Yoshinaga released the details of the new hybrid SUV as a part of the company’s “Prominence 2020” vision—an idea to overhaul the existing Subaru boxer engine lineup by 2020. This new initiative is good news for Subaru, who has been suffering from the failure of their last SUV release, the Subaru Tribeca. Sales in 2012 for the Subaru-designed crossover SUV were so low (under 1,000), that the model was discontinued in 2014. It is likely that the release of a new cross-over SUV will act as a replacement for the Tribeca and attempt to boost sales with their plug-in hybrid concept.

Qualities of a Subaru

If you’ve ever known someone who owns a Subaru, it is likely because they live where weather requires its optimal features, such as the symmetrical all-wheel drive. The Subaru is a vehicle that can drive on any terrain and carry heavy loads, perfect for vacations, adventure trips and long drives.

Subaru is known for their boxer engine—a flat lying engine which allows for balance, efficiency and power when working together with the signature all-wheel drive. Few other vehicles these days use this engine that is a constant in Subaru vehicles. The Subaru is also renowned for their advanced safety engineering, making their vehicles durable to take on the road while also being family friendly.

While we haven’t been given all the details so far on what this new SUV will be like, the company has leaked a few key features:


It is widely speculated that the new Subaru SUV will be based off of the company’s Viziv 2 concept car design, which was revealed at the 2014 Geneva Motor show. The new SUV will be a seven-seater, and it is likely the vehicle will include Subaru’s ever present all-wheel drive system.


The engine is truly what makes this car special, and will excite auto mechanics and car enthusiasts alike. The new Subaru engine has been revealed to be the world’s only boxer engine diesel plug-in hybrid. Besides trying to swallow this mouthful—think of the competitive lead Subaru will have if this engine functions smoothly. As a plug-in hybrid, this vehicle will have minimal C02 emissions. It has been calculated that a vehicle of this efficiency could have emissions clearing 158 g/km. Hybrids are known for their efficiency—so Subaru’s new SUV is looking at class-leading mileage.


What is known so far about the speed capabilities of this new SUV is unfortunately very little. What we do know is that the design will entail one front electric motor and two rear motors. Online sources have speculated that the vehicle’s horsepower will likely be similar to their 2015 Subaru Forester model, which gains 170hp at 5,800rpm.

To get an idea of what the future may bring, here’s a promotional video for the Viziv 2 concept!

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