What Students Starting Their Automotive Careers Can Learn About Daimler’s New Managerial Tactics

Daimler’s new approach will take advantage of team brainstorming sessions

Daimler AG is one of the biggest car manufacturers in the world, known primarily for its lineup of Mercedes-Benz products, but also for its recently revived Maybach line. As such a massive manufacturer, it has always has a strict hierarchy and protocol to be followed so that the right decisions were made and the right products were produced. Such a methodical system served Daimler well in the 20th century and into the 21st, as its flagship Mercedes-Benz brand became well-recognized and respected, while remaining both attainable and luxurious.

However, in recent years, many automotive companies, like Tesla, have made the move towards a more electric and autonomous driving future. For Daimler not to fall far behind this competition, the company has decided to change up its decision-making structure to better reflect the realities of the current market. If you’ve been thinking about a career in the automotive industry, read on to understand Daimler’s new managerial tactics and what it might mean for the industry.

Professionals Starting an Automotive Career Know the Changes Are Meant to Empower Staff

For a company to survive in an ever-changing world, it needs to constantly innovate and provide reasons to keep its employees engaged and committed to the products being manufactured. These new managerial changes incorporated by Daimler are meant to empower staff and give them more of a platform on which to innovate and help the company retain its market share going forward.

This hierarchal shift also has the added benefit of helping to speed up the decision making process for Daimler, which has historically been methodical (and thus relatively slow) at making substantial decisions. For professionals looking to begin an automotive career, Daimler’s new management style is one that you may encounter if other companies, garages, and dealerships take inspiration from this approach.

Grads With Auto Mechanic Certification Know This Is Meant to Respond to New Technology

More than simply a way to empower its employees, Daimler’s managerial shift also sets the company up to more efficiently compete against Tesla and its new, innovative technologies. Daimler has been investing heavily in electric vehicles, a luxury market that is currently being dominated by Tesla’s Model S. However, as professionals with auto mechanic certification might know, Daimler has twice as much market capitalization as Tesla and twenty times as many staff members. While Daimler’s size and corporate structure may have made it slow in the past, it is the company’s hope that these changes will make it faster at making decisions, implementing strategies, and competing with Tesla in the ever-growing electric car market. This could mean that throughout your career, you’ll see some exciting new developments and innovative new cars hit markets.

Daimler’s New Approach Uses ‘Corporate Crowdfunding’ to Act Quickly

One of the most important elements of this new managerial shift is a process that’s being called ‘corporate crowdfunding.’ After studying very successful Silicon Valley companies like Google and Uber, Daimler created a brainstorming team of 144 employees—some of which are engineers and some which are not. Their goal is to come up with ideas that can be implemented throughout the company to make it more efficient and to make its products better.

For professionals aiming to become auto mechanics, this is an exciting opportunity. If companies take Daimler’s lead and begin allowing employees to voice and pitch their own ideas, then perhaps auto mechanics might be asked to provide their valuable input throughout their careers.


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