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When it comes to the iconic pick-up truck, the Toyota Hilux has developed a strong reputation as a global market leader. The famous UK TV program Top Gear helped to elevate the status of the Hilux many years ago when it tried and succeeded in proving its indestructibility. It’s a rugged vehicle, but like so many other pick-up trucks, it has become bulkier in an attempt to include the modern comforts which drivers now expect.

The 2018 version of the Hilux reflects the challenges facing this type of vehicle. It is trying to juggle the wishes of drivers looking for a comfortable ride with its more official remit as a rugged off-road vehicle. Has it succeeded? This blog takes a look at how this new version performs on its own, and against its industry rivals.

The New Hilux Isn’t Impressing Too Many with its Performance

The pick-up truck has been developed to offer rugged off-road performance, and excellent loading capabilities. The latest Hilux hasn’t been pulling up too many trees in this regard, with some criticism levelled at its inability to deal with mild, muddy slopes. When you look at the vehicle’s figures, it becomes a little clearer as to why this may be happening. The two-tonne truck contains a 2.4-litre engine which generates 148 bhp and 295lb-ft of torque pulling power.

Before anything is loaded into the back, the truck already weighs just over two tonnes. It’s easier to see at this point why performance may become slightly compromised. Some problems have also been noted with the automatic gearbox, which won’t inspire any confidence among car buyers. Lots of students at auto mechanic college are wondering why these issues are popping up, and the answer may lie in the need to provide comfort for the modern driver.

Pick-up trucks are expected to handle the toughest terrain
Pick-up trucks are expected to handle the toughest terrain

Toyota Has Attempted to Make the Hilux a Pleasant Driving Experience

Hop into any modern vehicle and you’ll likely be staring at many different gadgets which try to make the driving experience easier and more enjoyable. The Toyota Hilux is no exception. This off-road vehicle wants to create a nice environment for the driver, so the manufacturer has included a 7” touchscreen and separate information display for them to play with. It’s also a nice place to sit, offering a high driving position and excellent visibility.

The Hilux isn’t about high-speed handling, but comfort is important at gentler speeds on and off-road. This 2018 version has been criticized by some for its body lean, while the rear can become bouncy on rougher terrain. There’s no doubt, however, that it’s hard to please all needs when trying to design the perfect pick-up truck.

The State of the Broader Pick-up Industry for Students at Auto Mechanic College

Pick-up trucks, like cars and SUVs, are generally becoming bigger and more comfortable driving machines. Even if it’s not a Toyota Hilux—which aren’t available in Canada yet—you’ll be working on many types of pick-up truck after mechanic training. The Globe and Mail reported that over one-fifth of car sales in 2017 were pick-up trucks. They remain the preferred option for workers who need to transport lots of equipment as part of their career.

The Ford F-150, Chevrolet Silverado, and Toyota Tundra are also imposing specimens, and they cater to any driver’s wish for a larger road presence. The pick-up truck remains a very popular option in the Canadian automotive sector!

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