Everything Students in Car Sales Training Should Know About the 2020 Mercedes E53

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The 2020 Mercedes-AMG E53 sedan, with the cheapest starting prices in the E53 lineup, is a 5-seater as luxurious as it is powerful. It comes with endless upgrade options for the buyer with the big bucks. Its range of features, sleek and sporty interior, impressive engine, and varied transmission options make the E53 sedan a really fun car to talk about, and an even better car to sell. For the buyer seeking grandeur, Mercedes’ 2020 E53 has plenty of selling points and few drawbacks. If you’re selling this 2020 sedan, here’s what you need to know. 

Those in Automotive Sales Careers Will Be Impressed by the E53 Sedan’s Power Specs

The 2020 Mercedes E53 sedan boasts impressive power specs. With its mild hybrid system, the E53 has a 3.0L inline 6-cylinder turbo engine with an additional EQ boost and an electric auxiliary compressor. This engine yields a horsepower of 429, with an acceleration speed of 0-60 in 4.4 seconds and a torque of 384 pound-feet. Its 48-volt mild-hybrid technology allows for an additional initial acceleration boost of 21 horsepower and 184 pound-feet of torque. As those in automotive careers may guess, these features ensure pretty great acceleration capabilities for the speed-seeking buyer. 

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The 2020 Mercedes E53 sedan has impressive acceleration capabilities

Transmission, Driving Modes, and Fuel Economy

The 2020 E53 sedan has a 9-speed transmission with several driving modes. On the highway, the sedan’s Eco mode uses the EQ Boost mild-hybrid system to allow for “sailing,” turning off the engine. The Sport and Sport Plus modes engage the transmission and throttle more actively, but for the hands-on driver, the transmission can always be overridden by using the paddle shifters. Because of its mild hybrid system, the 2020 E53 sedan has a better fuel economy than one might expect from a vehicle of its power. In the city, the Mercedes gets 11.3L/100km, and on the highway it gets 8.3L/100km.

Additional Features and Infotainment—Worth the Cost?

The Mercedes E53 sedan is a pricey vehicle—there’s no getting around it. With an MSRP of $84,900 CAD, the buck doesn’t stop there. Those in automotive sales careers should be aware that the 2020 E53 comes with a number of optional features for a variety of additional prices. For example, its driver assistance technology, equipped with lane-change assistance and route-based speed adaptation, is around an additional $3,000 CAD. The E53 also has options for upgrades in the interior, such as wood trims and massaging front seats. Depending on the customer’s desires, the 2020 E53 Mercedes sedan can get pretty pricey and even *more* luxurious. 

However, one drawback of the E53 is its infotainment system. Mercedes uses COMAND infotainment in its 2020 models, which are not only slightly dated, but are sometimes difficult to use. The difficulty comes from the high volume of menus and submenus, as well as the touch pads one has to use to control the system. The way the system is set up means that the driver might have to spend more time engaging with the system than is convenient while driving.

However, if that’s the only downfall, a customer will surely still be impressed by the specs and power on this smooth-riding sedan from Mercedes. 

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