Students in Auto Technology School: 4 Safety Tips for Servicing Hybrids

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Hybrid vehicles are becoming increasingly popular among drivers looking for a greener and more fuel efficient option. When it comes to maintenance, hybrids share similarities with traditional vehicles, but they also have a whole different set of safety precautions you must be aware of. That’s because hybrid vehicles have enough electrical voltage to seriously harm anyone not following proper safety procedures when performing maintenance on them.

Interested in learning how to service hybrids safely? The right training from a top school like ATC can help you on your way. If you’d like to get a head start on your studies, check out four safety tips that are important to keep in mind!

1. Students in Auto Technology School Make Sure the Vehicle is Off

Working on hybrids can be tricky for the untrained eye, because they run silently when operating off battery power. Therefore, technicians need to look for visual clues in order to be assured the vehicle is off.

If you decide to pursue Hybrid Technology Training at auto technology school you will learn how to safely work on hybrid vehicles. The first step to doing so it is to determine that the vehicle is off. You should check the dashboard for a cue before beginning any work. This cue, or light, will vary from model to model. It’s also important to remember that keyless ignition systems can start the vehicle automatically if the key is within 15 feet, so make sure to keep keys at a safe distance when performing maintenance.

2. Students in Auto Technology School Must Disconnect the Battery

Before you begin performing maintenance on a hybrid vehicle, you must disconnect the battery. It’s important to remember that the electrical charge will still remain in the vehicle for several minutes after you turn off the battery, and could still cause significant harm. After disconnecting the battery, you should wait ten minutes before continuing with your maintenance.

3. Students in Auto Technology School Are Aware of High Voltage Circuits

Vehicle manufacturers maintain the highest standards of safety when manufacturing their hybrid vehicles. This helps keep technicians with training in automotive industry practices safe. Manufacturers heavily insulate all high voltage wires. Typically, dangerous high voltage wires will be encased in bright orange to help you identify hazards. If you’re ever in doubt, you should contact the manufacturer and ask any safety related questions to make sure you’re aware of all high voltage circuits.

4. Students Servicing Hybrids Should Wear Gloves

It is extremely important to never cut or disturb the orange cables that run from the high voltage batteries to the controller. Whenever you are handling high voltage wires, you should also wear class “O” heavy duty gloves, otherwise known as lineman’s gloves, which can withstand up to 1,000 volts.

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Technicians working on hybrid vehicles should wear voltage resistant gloves

Before starting any maintenance, conduct a test to make sure the gloves have no leaks. Fill each glove with air. If any escapes, the glove likely has a leak and needs to be replaced. Even the smallest leak can draw a current and possibly electrocute a technician.

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