Students in Auto Sales Training: 3 Ways to Use Social Media to Grow Your Sales Network

auto sales college

Using social media to build your sales network can be highly effective

As all great sales professionals know, the art of sales is built on relationships. But how do you build lasting relationships with clients so that they come back to you again and again? As an aspiring automotive sales pro, you might know that passively encountering clients in your dealership is not the best method for building connections. However, your next vehicle sale doesn’t have to come from a passive interaction, you can actively foster your next lead using social media!

Want to learn how you can use social media as part of a solid sales and self-marketing strategy? Keep reading and discover how your next lead could be right at your fingertips.

1. Auto Sales College Students Can Establish Themselves as Experts by Using Social Media

Positioning yourself as an expert can increase your number of sales leads. You can even get started building your online reputation before you graduate! A great first step you can take is to create a Facebook page, Twitter account, or LinkedIn account and invite your friends, fellow classmates, and colleagues to like the page.

Once you’ve set up accounts on one or several social media platforms, you can start sharing interesting content that properly represents your brand, like original blog posts written by you, curated videos, and news articles. For example, if after auto sales college you plan to go into luxury car sales, you could share a blog post about a high-end car show you attended. If you make a consistent effort to share and post informed content, your followers will come to see that you’re an expert on the subject.

If you’re seen as an ‘influencer’ or expert in your field, it is more likely clients will come to you when it’s time to buy a car!

2. Students Completing Auto Sales Training Can Build Relationships Using Social Media

When you launch your career after auto sales training, connecting with clients on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can help you stay connected and fresh in their minds long after the sale.

A great way to foster a long-lasting relationship using social media is to follow up on your clients’ after-purchase experience. You can ask them to share photos of their new vehicle and to let you know how they are enjoying it. You can even share or retweet their posts so others can see how you provide great service to your clients. This is one of the most authentic forms of a testimonial you can receive. And as auto sales professionals know, strong testimonials can help you secure promising leads and grow your sales network.

auto sales training

Great client testimonials can go a long way to getting leads

3. Auto Sales College Students Can Expand Their Client Reach Using Social Media

One of the greatest ways to expand your sales network through social media is built right into the platform itself. As you grow your connections on social networking sites, you gain access to your followers’ followers. For example, say you have 150 followers, and all your followers have 150 followers. That would mean you could have access to 22,500 potential leads.

By interacting with your followers and creating content they will comment on, like, and share, you up the chance that their followers will see your posts as well. That means that you could potentially garner yourself massive amounts of exposure and new leads to add to your network.

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