What Students in Auto Body Schools Should Know about Untended Dents

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After a while, cars are inevitably going to experience some wear and tear. However, if enough damage has been inflicted upon a client’s car that dents are still visible, getting those dents fixed should be a top priority. If dents are not properly repaired or taken care of, a client will not only have a harder time reselling their car, but might also face additional problems—to say nothing of the fact that even small dents can be incredibly distracting and unpleasant to look at. Whether they resulted from inclement weather such as a hailstorm, or were created by a car accident or vandalism, dents should always be tended to sooner rather than later.

Here are a few things you should know about the importance of dent removal.

Untended Dents Can Have a Harsh Effect on Resale Value

After your auto body repair courses you might want to remind clients that not repairing a dent can be a problem if they intend to sell their car at some point down the line. Depending on how severe the dent is, it can negatively impact how much resale value the car is going to have. The odds of the resale value being affected by a dent can depend on what kind of car the client has: for example, a dent found on a years-old Camaro may not have the same effect as the same amount of damage on a Lamborghini. Regardless, a noticeable dent can result in anywhere from 5 to 10 per cent of a hit in value compared to what the car would otherwise be worth.

Dents Can Have a Domino Effect on Other Parts of the Car

Even if a car only suffers minor dents, the damage can spread to other parts of the vehicle. This is because an unrepaired dent might have chipped or missing paint. Since the paint protects the vehicle from contaminants such as moisture and salt, it can become vulnerable to those same contaminants when damaged, which can cause rust. Considering this, and the fact that rust and water can spread to areas underneath the paint, it’s always best to get dents taken care of as soon as possible.

Over time, rust can spread and cause other problems
Over time, rust can spread and cause other problems

Exposure to certain weather conditions, such as rain (which British Columbia has plenty of), sunshine, and road salt are all able to speed up the oxidation process by getting to the car’s bare metal—not to mention having a deteriorative effect on the paint. Long story short: don’t leave dents untended, as it can harm more than just the car’s outward appearance.

Dents Should Be Fixed by Grads of Auto Body Schools

Studying at auto body schools will teach you various techniques for how to fix various types of car damage. That expertise will prepare you to properly fix car dents after graduation.

This is another important point for customers to keep in mind. Some might think that DYI home repair options could offer a cheaper alternative to professional repairs. However, using household tools like hammers or toilet plungers are more likely to inflict further damage onto the car by causing cracks to appear in the paint. This can make the vehicle more expensive to repair. As a result, if you come across customers who are considering delaying or avoiding professional repairs, reminding them of these dangers might be a good idea.

Even small dents can lead to growing and lasting damage, so having a professional fix dents is always better than leaving them alone and pretending they don’t exist. The sooner clients get them fixed, the cheaper the repairs are likely to be!

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