Students Attending Automotive Training Centres, Check Out These Highly Anticipated Cars for 2018!

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A new year means new cars hitting the streets, and 2018 really isn’t that far away. With a number of manufacturers already having announced some of the exciting stuff they have coming next year, there’s already a lot to look forward to. Gear heads will love the new designs and features—there’s a ton of stuff to pore over in the months leading up to 2018’s new releases.

Want a sneak peek of the cool new cars that will be arriving next year? Here are a few of the vehicles you can look forward to seeing in 2018.

The 2019 Ford Ranger Is a Small, Classically Inspired Truck

The Ford Ranger has not been a fixture of the North American auto market since it was retired in 2011. The model has instead found a following across the ocean, maintaining a fairly strong presence in the European and Australian markets. For 2019, the Ranger will be making a comeback to North America, which is great news if you’re a fan of trucks that are on the smaller end of things.

The Ranger is a body-on-frame model, so fairly rugged, and the smaller form factor could be nice for drivers who want some extra manoeuvrability when they go off the road. People who love trucks do tend to like them big, though, so it’s tough to say whether or not this one will be a hit. Keep an eye out for this model after your automotive technician course and see whether it takes off.

The Lexus UX Has a Design Students in Automotive Technician Courses Won’t Be Able to Ignore

For many car enthusiasts, the Lexus UX is either beautiful or totally weird. It’s sort of futuristic, but also sort of looks like the kind of car the Joker might own if he had a family to drive around. The concept vehicle that has been seen so far has offered a lot of purple on the inside and out, and a weirdly spiky aesthetic. It’s a design that some people will love, and probably a bunch more will hate.

The production model of the Lexus UX is expected to be unveiled this fall, so we might start seeing this car hit the roads sometime next year. Since Lexus is a luxury brand, this is another model where spotting it out in the world might be about as likely as seeing a unicorn. If your auto mechanic career takes you to an environment where luxury models regularly pass through, though, there’s a chance you could someday see—and judge—this model for yourself.

The 2018 Jaguar I-Pace Is a Stylish EV to Look Out for in Your Automotive Mechanic Career

The Jaguar I-Pace is an electric SUV that has been promised for years. With a driving distance of about 354 km, it’s not something that can go especially far. It’ll look great while it’s moving, though.

The vehicle looks a lot like the F-Pace, another sleek and stylish offering from Jaguar. That means we can probably expect the I-Pace to be relatively wide, and to pack in a fun touchscreen infotainment system. Not having to devote hood space to an engine could also leave a little more room for storage for the I-Pace, which is always welcome.

Will the driving distance be enough, when far cheaper offerings like the Model 3 offer a minimum of 416 km? You’ll be able to judge for yourself once you begin your career and start seeing more and more EVs popping up. For now, though, it’s probably enough to appreciate that a great brand like Jaguar is throwing its hat into the EV ring.

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