Student Testimonial: Albert Emmanuel

Albert Emmanuel

Program: Automotive Technology Diploma Program

Graduate Date: June 17/2016

Albert EmmanuelLast year I sold my 3-series BMW and bought a 5-series, after the swap I encountered a minor problem which was an annoying noise. Took the car to 5 different mechanics and they all gave me the run around.  The last one told me the noise was coming from inside the engine so it would have cost me $4500 to fix it. That was a heart break to me but I trusted my instincts since I was mechanically inclined and decided to diagnose the problem on my own.

After diagnosing the problem I found out the noise was coming from the water pump pulley which I changed and noise was gone. That same day I made my decision to be a mechanic since I’ve been fixing cars for over 10 years now. Called a few schools and one school filled the craving and desire to be a mechanic which is ATC. Being at ATC has helped me gain more knowledge, skills and most of all confidence to fix a car. Now I’m not scared to diagnose a problem a car is having, from electrical to mechanical it doesn’t matter, ATC has installed that confidence in me.

The teachers and staff are the best set of people one can be around, friendly and always willing to help you. Give thanks to my teacher Paul whom I call Mr. P, thank you sir for being there for me and my classmates. You are by far the best teacher ever.


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