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If there’s something we really like to do at the Automotive Training Centre Surrey, it’s to give out awards, student recognition awards, to be exact. An impromptu awards ceremony recently took place in class.

The following students won recognition awards:

  • Trevor Condrotte
  • Abdol Morani
  • Neil Schmidt
  • Noordin Hirani
  • Rob Hardy
  • Rod McDonald
Check out the lucky winners getting their awards:

Abdol Moradi at ATC Surrey

Neil Schmidt at ATC Surrey

Noordin Hirani at ATC Surrey

Rob Hardy at ATC Surrey


Rod McDonald at ATC Surrey

Trevor Condrotte - ATC Surrecy

These awards are in recognition of the hard work and dedication put into studies and class work this semester. Ceremonies like these also serve to strengthen the group dynamic of classes and motivate students throughout the class.

We like to think that when you take an automotive training program, be it the automotive service technician program or the auto service operations programs, you’re above all else, experiencing what it’s like to be part of a team. Aside from giving you a leg up when it comes time to join the workforce, we think it’s also a nice way to make lifelong friends and contacts.


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