Still In High school? How To Prepare For The Auto Careers Now

Are you a high school student interested in pursuing an automotive career after graduation? If you’re anxious to get started, you’ll be glad to know there are several ways to get ready for success in the field at this stage. By taking the suitable classes, finding opportunities to get hands-on experience, and exploring options for post-secondary training, you can be confident that a fulfilling and lucrative career in the ever-growing automotive sector awaits you. Keep reading for a detailed guide to automotive career readiness. 

Take the Right Classes in High School to Prepare for Auto Careers

In preparation for a successful automotive career, there are certain core subjects and electives to consider taking before graduation. Post-secondary programs in Canada will require you to complete grade 12 English, regardless of the industry you intend to pursue. Be sure to complete English coursework diligently to demonstrate your literacy skills. In the automotive industry, literacy skills help you interpret repair manuals, conduct internal and external communications, and achieve early employment.

A high school student taking a test in preparation for auto careers.
Be sure to take the high school classes you’ll need to get into auto mechanic school.

Your numerical skills also matter for mechanics. You’ll perform various mathematical tasks in your automotive career, including measurement conversions, estimating costs, and reading gauges. Don’t forget to take your math classes. Many Canadian high schools provide the opportunity to take a variety of exciting electives that enable students to explore their interests. See if your school offers a shop class or a robotics club. These electives and extracurricular activities familiarize you with some of the mechanical parts and power tools you’ll use as you pursue auto careers

Explore Apprenticeships

Regarding automotive careers and other trades, there’s nothing like hands-on training for building your skill set. Many Canadian high schools partner with local organizations to enable students to earn credits as they gain hands-on experience during apprenticeship programs. They present the perfect opportunity to determine whether automotive careers are really right for you, gain valuable hands-on experience, and start practicing your networking skills.

A high school student attending an apprenticeship in preparation for auto careers.
Highschoolers who pursue auto careers apprenticeships to get advantageous experience.

Start Preparing for Pre-professional Training

As you progress through your high school studies, visit your guidance counsellor to discover the training you need to prepare for a mechanic apprenticeship. The Automotive Training Center offers various educational programs introducing students to the automotive industry. Small classes, flexible schedules, industry-experienced instructors, hands-on training, and convenient locations in Toronto, Montreal, Cambridge, and Surrey make it easy for students to excel in auto mechanic school, in their apprenticeships, and throughout their careers. 

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