SEMA 2015: A Preview For Auto Sales College Students


The annual Speciality Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show will be taking place in Las Vegas next month, and is considered to be one of North America’s most unique auto shows.

Unlike most car shows, where automakers come together to display their latest production models, SEMA highlights some of the most eye-catching concepts that auto manufacturers come up with. The SEMA convention is a chance for major automakers and well-known aftermarket companies to display their most tuned-up versions of popular cars. The event has grown in popularity over the years, reaching close to 150,000 attendees in 2014.

If you’re considering an auto sales career, read on to learn more about some of the souped-up cars that will be on display at this year’s SEMA show.

Nissan GT-R Nismo N-Attack: Boosting Car Sales for Track Racers

Nissan will debut an all-new N-Attack performance package for its GT-R model at SEMA 2015. The auto company’s GT-R model recently snagged the title of fastest production car to lap the infamous Nürburgring racetrack, having received only a few slight adjustments to its body, suspension, and seats. These adjustments will be available to GT-R fans that opt for the N-Attack package. The package will be available in two formats; a street-friendly version and a speedy, racetrack-ready one.

Some critics wonder why Nissan’s upgrade package doesn’t involve any engine tuning. However, students pursuing car sales training likely know that the GT-R’s engine needs no modification, as the assembly line version gets close to 600 horsepower all on its own.

Check out the GT-R N-attack here:

Bisimoto Engineering Partners with Hyundai to Enhance Tuscon’s Speed

Bismoto Engineering teamed up with Hyundai to create a 700 horsepower version of the Tuscon. The insane power output is derived from a long list of engine upgrades, most notably, a Turbonetics turbo added to the Tuscon’s standard 2.4-litre engine.

If you’re planning to enroll in an auto sales college, you probably already know that cars are capable of achieving their top speeds not only through their engine’s power, but also through aerodynamics. The Bismoto Tuscon’s body has been dropped a few inches, and will feature white alloy wheels with Toyo tires.

Mazda MX-5 Concepts Could Increase Car Sales with Classic Roadster Fanatics

Mazda will be bringing two concepts to SEMA; an MX-5 Speedster concept and an MX-5 Spyder concept. The Speedster is meant to pay homage to the lightweight roadsters of the 1950’s. It has weight-reduction features that include a wind deflector in place of the windshield. This is meant to increase the vehicle’s lightweight performance specs.

The MX-5 Spyder is also a throwback concept; however, this particular car focuses more on the luxury elements of retro convertibles. The MX-5 Spyder is expected to include features like hand stitched leather trim as well as a custom silver paint job that’s reminiscent of the James Dean era.

Check out Mazda’s stunning concepts on display at SEMA here:

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