How to Sell Broken Windows: Tesla’s Cybertruck Debut for Students in Auto Sales College

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Imagine promising that a vehicle has “unbreakable” windows and then, to prove it, you throw a ball at one of the windows and—it shatters! That’s exactly what happened during the recent debut of Tesla’s new Cybertruck. For most automotive salespeople, such a situation would be impossible to recover from, but not when you’re Elon Musk.

In fact, all Musk had to do afterwards was say the Cybertruck was selling well and Tesla’s stock surged. By “selling well,” Musk really meant a lot of people had put down a refundable deposit of just $100 for a truck that won’t be made until 2021. But it’s proof that Musk’s salesmanship is second to none. Read on for more details about this truck and how it might sell.

The Cybertruck’s Impressive Specs

The body of this vehicle—which looks like a futuristic tank—is made from cold-rolled stainless-steel, which means the steel is processed further after being hot-rolled. The sheets of metal go to cold reduction mills and they are compressed by rollers at room temperature. This improves surface quality, makes the steel stronger and harder, and improves precision. It’s also the same steel that is used in SpaceX rockets.

Sheets of stainless steel before being shaped into car parts
Sheets of stainless steel before being shaped into car parts

As you might guess after your auto sales college experience, there is a range of options for different versions of the truck. Tesla claims the vehicle can tow up to 14,000 pounds and the design is all electric. There is lockable storage, seating for six and a battery range of between 400–800 km. The 0-60 mph also ranges from a claimed 2.9 seconds for the most expensive version to 6.5 seconds for the base.

How to Sell a Truck After Attending Automotive Schools in Canada

Whether you’ve attended automotive schools in Canada or not, you probably won’t recognize the Cybertruck as a pick-up at first. The angular frame looks more like a science fiction creation. It isn’t as expensive as it looks though. The base version is $39,000 USD, which is comparable to the 2020 Ford F-150 with a starting price of $30,090 USD.

However, because there is not a lot of overlap between Tesla buyers and pick-up truck buyers, the two might not be in competition with each other as much as they may seem to be at first. There is a regional divide showing that Teslas sell on the coasts, but not much in the Midwest where more people buy pick-up trucks. Additionally, F-Series trucks have been towing 13,000 pounds for years. In fact, an F-550 can tow up to 30,000 pounds. Given that Ford and General Motors are also developing electric pick-ups, the Cybertruck is going to have a tough time convincing truck-drivers to consider a Tesla.

Ford and other truck makers are working on their own electric trucks to compete with Tesla
Ford and other truck makers are working on their own electric trucks to compete with Tesla

Is the Cybertruck Being Sold as an Armoured Vehicle?

This question has not been answered officially and when the windows broke at its launch, serious doubts were cast on the claims about the vehicle’s protective qualities. The body steel can likely block 9mm gun rounds, but there is no armour rating certification.

The windshield is a flat piece of laminated glass (if you’re interested in what that means, check out our previous blog on automotive glass), which appears to be better at holding up against damage than the door windows. During Tesla’s demo, someone also took a sledgehammer to the Cybertruck doors without causing damage. It might be a stretch to call this truck an armoured vehicle, but for brand-loyal Tesla fans it’ll probably do just fine.

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