Self-Driving Automobiles

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For about as long as we’ve had the automobile, we’ve had the fantasy of the car being able to drive us around as we sit and relax in the back, sipping a coffee and reading the paper. But just how far flung from reality is the possibility of a self-driving car? Wouldn’t it be great to get auto mechanic training in Toronto that catered to cars that could drive themselves?  With all of the innovations and technological leaps over the past two decades in regards to driver assisting features on automobiles, it wouldn’t be crazy to think that a self-driving car section in auto mechanic courses in Toronto might not be too far off!

While it may seem like a silly luxury, the possibility of self-driving cars means safer and more efficient driving and much less stressful road conditions. It’s not just driving, either, but knowing when to brake and detecting obstacles and objects that may not be visible to the human eye. We’re not prepared for everything that comes at us, and although it’s not possible to put all of your trust in a machine, to know that if you miss a beat or are distracted, the car could correct itself, well that’s pretty good peace of mind.

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Ford is a prime example of the innovation and care that’s being put into developing self-driving cars. Their newest concept car, the Edge Concept was unveiled at this year’s Los Angeles Auto Show and featured an extremely intelligent automated parking system. With sensors for objects in your path, the ability to control the parking from outside of the car, and revolutionary guiding technology, it seems it may just be the first step for Ford into the wide world of self-assisted driving.

Ford and Toyota are both working on driver assistance systems that, while not giving the car complete control of the road, give it the power to sense oncoming objects in traffic and either slow down, swerve or brake in case of emergency. While not intended to be used as a replacement for careful driving and paying attention the road, it’s still that peace of mind to know that even if you make an error, the car will be able to pull you out of it before things get too bad.

With all of the driver assisting technologies being put into vehicles today – from weather sensors to switchable driving modes and some of the most accurate, high-tech GPS out there today – it’s no secret that self-driving cars are high on the list of priorities for manufacturers. So, while automatically driven cars may still be a pipe dream, automotive careers in Toronto twenty years from now could look much, much different!



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