Save Christmas By Picking Santa’s New Ride

Portrait of Santa Claus in the car

It turns out elves make lousy auto technicians, and Santa’s sleigh isn’t drivable anymore. Now he has to give it up and upgrade to something a little better. Christmas depends on it!

Got a suggestion for Santa’s new ride? Let us know on Facebook and you could win a great prize.

Here’s how to enter our contest:

1) Comment on our Facebook contest post with your idea for Santa’s new ride (the contest post will be available on Monday, December 12, 2016)

2) Fill out a short form (you’ll find the link to the form in the Facebook contest post)

3) Hope you’re not on Santa’s naughty list

You’ve got from December 12 to 18 to enter your pick. The winner will be selected at random, and will receive a $50 Petro Canada gift card! (We will send an email to the winner with all the details)

Curious about what Santa’s looking for in a new car? Here’s a quick look.

Something Stronger Than Reindeer

Santa’s sleigh was pulled by nine reindeer. Assuming reindeer have similar horsepower to a horse, and since a single horse has about 14.9 horsepower (weird, but true), we’re looking at a horsepower total of about 134 HP. If you’re interested in auto technology, you probably know that’s not a lot of power for pulling jolly old St. Nick’s overflowing bag of toys.

Want Santa to love his new ride? Pick something more powerful. Anyone else for a 440 HP Ford Super Duty?

Something With a Little Comfort

Ever get caught driving in bad weather with the top down? Imagine driving like that through snowstorms for hundreds of years, all while way up high in the freezing sky. No wonder Santa’s cheeks are so rosy.

Want to treat Santa Claus right? Pick something with seat warmers and a nice, big cup holder for his cocoa. And get the man a roof and windshield, for goodness’ sake!

Christmas is approaching fast, so hurry!

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