Safety Tips for Replacing Window Glass as an Auto Body Technician

When starting a career in auto body repair, knowing the different steps and procedures for every repair is essential, including those relating to the windshield or window glass. Windshields are designed to keep passengers and drivers safe in the event of an off-road accident or collision, but when a windshield is not installed correctly, they can get ejected and suffer serious injuries. 

At ATC Surrey, you’ll get hands-on training in becoming an auto body technician. You’ll learn how to service and repair different types of vehicle models and how to change window glasses the right way to maximize driver safety. If you are interested in learning more about changing window glasses, below we compiled a list of tips and tricks for you to use once you complete your training at ATC Surrey.

Whenever Possible Use the OEM Glass

Whenever you change the windshield of a car, you should advise your client to get the original equipment manufacturer glass. An OEM part is a car piece manufactured by the same company as the car and has all the properties to meet the car’s requirements. Using aftermarket windshields could lead to unsafe situations such as the glass popping out during a collision. Another reason to change clients’ vehicles with OEM parts is that aftermarket windshields have no quality standards. By contrast, manufacturers must ensure that quality standards are met whenever they sell or produce something. 

It is also recommended to get a windshield replaced by a certified auto body technician at an accredited body shop. At ATC Surrey, we understand what it takes to become a skilled technician, and we prepare our students to provide the best quality service to their clients. 

In auto body training we will cover the right steps to follow when replacing a windshield

An Auto Body Technician Always Wears Gloves When Replacing a Windshield

A safety tip that is often overlooked is to always wear gloves while handling the windshield. In auto body training, you will see how to change a windshield and the steps not to miss. Wearing gloves is one of the most critical steps to avoid severe damage. 

Without gloves, dirt and oil particles from our hands can contaminate the windshield and prevent the adhesion from bonding to the car. This may cause the windshield to pop off in a collision. If the glass hasn’t properly bonded with the car, drivers are at risk of being ejected from their car with the slightest collision. It is essential to wear gloves during the entire repair or replacement process so that your clients can return home with their windshields in top-notch condition. 

Wearing gloves is essential when replacing a windshield

Don’t Ever Skip the Use of Bonding Agents

While it may be tempting to skip steps and get the job done faster, at ATC we aim to provide high-quality training to students so you can work to limit the damage to your clients’ cars. If you are looking for a career in auto body repair, you need to realize that if you miss a step, you can create serious problems for your clients. 

Using bonding agents such as primer ensures you provide a high-quality service to your clients. When untrained professionals change windshields, they may forget to use primer when replacing a windshield. Primer increases the bond between the windshield and the car body, which will prevent the glass from shattering and keep drivers safe in the event of a collision accident. 

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