Rising Demand for Vehicle Repair Trades

auto mechanicCanada’s climate can be harsh on your vehicle. Heavy snowfalls and icy conditions in the winter require us to switch to winter tires, and then back again in the spring. Trying to power your car through the snow can also be rough on your transmission and engine. By the time the season is over, you will likely need to take your vehicle into an auto service technician for a tune up and to make sure everything survived -30 degree weather. It is no surprise, with these vehicle hardships, that vehicle repair is the number two growing and in-demand trade in Canada. A majority of current vehicle repair workers are above the age of fifty and nearing retirement. For this reason, it is estimated that Canada will face a shortage of one million tradespeople by 2020, including vehicle repair workers. If you have ever considered an auto career in your future, now is the time to start taking courses!

Consequences of Fewer Auto Repair Technicians

Weather storms can highlight the growing need for more vehicle repair workers. After winter especially, auto mechanic shops are set back with a waiting list of customers requiring maintenance or collision repairs both big and small. While this is difficult on customers, repair mechanics are also pressed with an overload of work. Sometimes one mechanic can be working on three or four cars at once. Auto shops are depending on the new graduates from mechanic colleges to replace older workers, but so far there are still too few students going into these programs.

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Opportunities for Students

Auto mechanic work has become a more lucrative job than ever before. With the increase in computer technology into vehicles, auto shops need bright workers with refined technical skills. These increasing computer skill requirements have many believing that a mechanic will soon be receiving a much higher pay. Due to a lack of mechanics, dealerships have increased their employee wages and have begun offering bonus incentives. Some auto shops have begun sponsoring post-secondary students to attend mechanic schools if they agree to work for their shop upon graduation. Contrary to outdated stereotypes, fully qualified auto technicians these days can make great wages, earning $30/hour and some even reportedly earning in the six-figure range.

Types of Vehicle Repair Jobs

To get an idea of the necessary skills involved with automotive repair, here are some of the more common auto mechanic specializations. A service technician carries out routine services like checking the oil and electrical components. Working alongside a service technician is a diagnostics technician, who diagnoses problems with the engine or electrical systems. Body repair technicians repair or replace damaged body components like headlights and also perform dent and scratch repairs. A brake and transmission technician will repair the brakes and diagnose electrical systems which control the four wheel drive or other components. A vehicle refinisher will re-paint vehicles and use finishing techniques on a vehicle for restoration purposes. Lastly there are vehicle inspectors, who will retest the repairs which have been performed on a vehicle.

There are plenty of opportunities for work in vehicle repair, and it is likely more will be introduced in the coming years as car technology changes. With the urgent need for workers in this sector, there is no better time to get your training and start your career.

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