To Repair or Replace an Old Car? What Auto Repair Training Students Should Know

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Purchasing a car is one of the biggest financial transactions one can make. Therefore, it’s important to know what to do when owners have put enough mileage on them that they need to be fixed or when it may be time to advise them to get a new car.

While repairs are usually cheaper than buying a new vehicle, the latter can often be the better way to go depending on the situation. As an auto repair professional, it’s a good idea to know when repairing or replacing a vehicle is necessary. Here’s what you need to know about the signs for when to repair a car versus when to replace it.

Priority Number One For Any Driver Should Be How Safe the Vehicle Is

When it comes to driving, being in a car that is safe and reliable should be the driver’s main concern. Therefore, it’s worth trying to understand whether or not the vehicle is simply in need of maintenance, or needs to be replaced outright in order to stay safe. If the car is still relatively safe and secure to drive, then getting a fix-up job on it may be the best course of action. However, if you find the driver to be making frequent trips to the shop after they get maintenance done on it, the best solution may have to be a full replacement. This is especially the case if the vehicle is requiring frequent maintenance on items that could affect its overall safety, such as its brakes or steering.

It might be worth getting a replacement if trips to the shop are frequent
It might be worth getting a replacement if trips to the shop are frequent

If Owners Are Spending Lots on Maintenance, It Might Be Time to Replace

Not only is maintenance a short-term fix for car owners in many cases, it’s also an expensive one depending on which repairs are necessary. So, anyone looking for repairs for their vehicle should do the math and calculate how much it will cost them. If the quote for maintenance on their vehicle will cost them more than half of its value, then it may be time to buy a new car. Although there are many areas that can be fixed by a professional who has done their auto repair training, things can get particularly expensive if parts like the motor, transmission assembly or engine need to be fixed or replaced. If this is the case, it’s probably best to get the vehicle replaced outright than to splash on maintenance work.

Getting a new car might be the best preventative measure against breakdowns
Getting a new car might be the best preventative measure against breakdowns

Auto Repair Training Students Should Recognize These Other Signs as Well

There are other signs a professional who has completed auto technician training should look for to decide whether to repair a car or suggest a replacement. For example, you should analyze whether its fuel efficiency has decreased dramatically. If the car consumes a lot of gas, it might be worth suggesting the driver replace it with a newer vehicle, which will likely be more fuel efficient. 

Replacing a vehicle may also be a better solution when drivers are concerned about future breakdowns (particularly if they’ve made trips for maintenance back and forth to the shop already), and don’t want to end up having to call a tow truck someday soon. As well, if the car has had chronic problems for quite some time now—particularly problems that may compromise their safety—then a new car with modern safety features, like blind spot monitoring and rear view cameras, may be necessary.

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