How Hybrid and Electrical Mechanic Training Will Prepare You for Success

Are you exploring auto careers? If so, you may wonder how to future-proof your job through proper training. Think about recent developments in the automotive industry. Indeed, you have noticed that hybrid and electric vehicles have been all the rage. Our training program is the perfect introduction to this growing industry, and by taking it, you can open doors in your career. Keep reading to see how hybrid technology training will prepare you for success. 

Learn Hybrid Vehicle Safety Precautions

Working with electric vehicles will mean handling extremely high-voltage machines. As a hybrid and EV service technician, it will be essential to understand how electrical energy storage works and how to handle it safely. This is covered at length during our program, equipping you with a profound understanding of subsystems, control and communication circuits, high voltage circuits, and power accessories. By completing our program, you will develop the skills you need to protect your safety on the job, the safety of the drivers who count on your services, and the environment’s safety.

hybrid and electrical mechanic training grad working on a charging station
Learn how to work safely after hybrid and electrical mechanic training.

Understand Repair and Maintenance in Hybrid and Electrical Mechanic Training 

Repair and maintenance for hybrid and electric vehicles differ significantly from servicing traditional gasoline vehicles. As hybrid and EV sales increase dramatically in Canada, the demand for technicians with the needed skills is growing. Becoming a hybrid and vehicle mechanic will teach you how to service hybrid and electric cars and perform general maintenance. Our seasoned instructors will impart wisdom and insight from their extensive experience. The hands-on nature of our training prepares you to thrive in any shop setting.

hybrid and electrical mechanic training grads working on a car together
Learn how to repair and maintain EVs and hybrids after hybrid and electrical mechanic training.

Enjoy a Quick, Convenient Introduction to the Field

We give students a quick, convenient introduction to the hybrid and electric vehicle industry. We understand that many of our students work part-time or even full-time. Therefore, we allow them to complete our 16-hour program over two Saturdays. Students must meet a handful of requirements. They must be at least 19 years of age or be a high school graduate. Getting the skills you need to compete in an ever-changing industry through our hybrid and electrical mechanic training has always been challenging.

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