How the New Range Rover Velar Luxury SUV Is Impressing Pros with Careers in the Auto Industry

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With modern touches added to classic Range Rover features, the 2018 Velar is being described as an achievement of modern automotive design – a fitting reputation for a vehicle that launched in London’s Design Museum. But the SUV’s design boasts more than just “visually reductive” good looks.

The Velar also impresses in key industry criteria. Beyond simply addressing criticisms of previous models, Range Rover has embraced several new features that have impressed more than a few mechanics and auto enthusiasts.

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The Velar Is a Model of Range Rover Versatility

Experts typically look to Land Rover for vehicles with an elegant design that can also accommodate a variety of terrains. The Velar’s all-wheel drive lives up to Range Rover’s history, maintaining strong traction in all road conditions. Adding to the vehicle’s safety and comfort are LED headlights for improved visibility in poor conditions.

Though few Velar drivers will call upon off-road features, the SUV can function through thick snow and up to 45mm of water. These capabilities have always been an important selling point for most Range Rover consumers: even city drivers are comforted by the many possibilities of an all-withstanding vehicle.

Graduates of Mechanic Colleges will Appreciate the Velar’s Engine Options

Students eyeing careers in the auto industry might be particularly interested in the engine options that come with the Velar. Velar drivers have three engine options to choose from: turbocharged four-cylinder, turbocharged four-cylinder diesel, and supercharged V6. The Velar’s V6 engine, which offers 380 horsepower and 332 lb-ft of torque, will also be bested by a V8 option, reportedly arriving in October 2018.

For now, V6 customers report an intuitive experience with gear shifting and automatic speed transition. Velar drivers also benefit from a quick engine response, and a series of control settings for specialized inclination and traction. Despite these not-too-shabby V6 capacities, however, the Velar’s standard four-cylinder option has left certain customers unsatisfied with speed and energy efficiency.

Check out the Velar for yourself in this short clip:

The Velar’s Interior Offers Modern Touches on Range Rover Elegance

The Velar’s interior accounts for much of its good standing with industry experts and grads of mechanic colleges. The 2018 SUV is equipped with three touch screens, including a new 10-inch control display known as the ‘flight deck’.

Refining vehicle controls through a ‘reductionist’ aesthetic, these touch screens modernize the Velar. Known as the ‘Touch Pro Duo’, the Velar’s main display screens are unique among SUVs—a gamble for Range Rover. While many enjoy the uncluttered look of touch menus, others tire of scrolling to find settings once controlled by simple buttons and dials. The futuristic feel of Velar’s ‘Touch Pro Duo’ is complemented by a minimalist interior design and Meridian DSP loudspeakers. For mechanics, having one roll into the shop could be a nice treat.

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