A Quick Look at Unicat's Ultimate RV for Students in Auto Repair Programs

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Recreational vehicles (RVs) have come a long way. Where once RVs provided only very basic living facilities, today’s models are often large, elaborate designs with a host of features, connected devices, and all the comforts of home.

One of the leading manufacturers in this field is the German company Unicat, which offers a number of custom-built RV options for both personal and professional use. Its latest creation, the catchily-named Unicat MD75HMB+WT69 – MAN TGS 26.540 6X6, is arguably the most impressive one yet—a giant, two-part behemoth.

If you’re interested in becoming an auto mechanic, keep reading to learn more about this masterful piece of machinery.

The Features of Unicat’s New RV

The front trailer of the Unicat RV includes a master bedroom with a double bed, a bathroom with a shower, and a living area that can seat up to six people comfortably. The space is equipped with two TVs, a coffeemaker, a bar, a fully equipped kitchen, and an air drying room for clothes. There is a second living area in the rear trailer with bunk beds to sleep a further four people, as well as another kitchen and bathroom.

The mechanics to keep all of this on the road are quite complex. The RV has a 540hp engine and an all-wheel drive powertrain, and is built upon three axles on the front trailer and a further two on the back. It has a 4.5 metre wheel base.

To cope with all weather conditions, the RV also has diesel and petrol-based heating systems, and electricity for the vehicle is provided by both petrol generators and rooftop solar panels. A 230-volt AC power supply connects to the rear trailer.

Unicat’s RV Has its Own Workshop

Because the RV was designed with rally racing teams in mind, Unicat also equipped it with its own workshop. While small, it has almost everything a mechanic program graduate might need to carry out large-scale repairs on the road.

Accessible via a ladder at the back of the rear trailer, the workshop has plenty of storage drawers for tools and parts, a workbench, welding equipment, and a drilling machine that doubles as a mill. It is powered by an independent 14kw petrol generator, so workers don’t have to worry about draining electricity from the rest of the vehicle. The rear trailer also has a fueling station with a 400-litre petrol tank and a 500-litre diesel tank, which can be used to refuel both the RV itself and other vehicles.

Check out this video for a full rundown of all the Unicat RV’s features:

What Students in Auto Repair Programs Should Know About Servicing RVs

Should they find themselves servicing RVs like this one during their careers, students in auto repair programs should be prepared for a challenge. Because they have to serve as both a vehicle and a makeshift home, the design of RV engines and electrical systems are often very complicated, with many interlinked components and lots of potential problems to watch out for.

RV repair can be a challenge for grads of mechanic programs

RV repair can be a challenge for grads of mechanic programs

As a result, it has become something of a niche area for mechanics, with many auto repair facilities specializing specifically in servicing RVs. These shops will often have a team who are trained to repair both the mechanical components of the vehicle and other things such as the appliances, electrical generators, and even the interiors and flooring.

Do you want to learn to work on vehicles?

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