Why Quality Auto Detailing Service Is so Important to Clients

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A car wash is great for a short-term clean, but a proper auto detail is even better. Auto detailing is where a car is serviced to make it look as close as possible to its original condition. Auto detailers use various tools such as vacuums and steam cleaners to make both the interior and exterior of the vehicle look like it was just driven off the dealership lot.

Auto detailing not only makes a car look better, it also protects it and makes it safer to drive. That’s why, if you pursue a career as an auto detailer, your skills will be highly valued. Here are some reasons why clients need the best possible auto detailing service.

It’s a Different Kind of Clean Than a Regular Old Car Wash

One of the primary reasons a car detail is so important to clients is that it is very different from a car wash. While a car wash’s main objective is to clean off dust, dirt and grime that may be present on the car’s exterior, a car detail is much more thorough and involves making the whole vehicle look spick and span both inside and out. Since it involves cleaning parts of the car that are more often neglected, such as the vehicle’s interior, it’s something the client, whether that client is the driver or a dealership looking to put a car on display, will want to have done. The professional working on it will be trying to clean, polish and detail basically every part of the car before applying a sealant to it to add further protection from the elements. More specifically, tires, windows, wheels and various other parts will get the care and attention they deserve.

Auto detailing is more thorough than a car wash
Auto detailing is more thorough than a car wash

It’s an Opportunity for the Vehicle’s Interior to Get a Deep Clean

As we’ve mentioned, the interior of a car is the portion that tends to get overlooked more often than the exterior when it comes to cleaning a vehicle. This is because it’s more time-consuming and often requires tools that the average vehicle owner may not have on hand. Different parts of the interior will need a deep clean—carpets will need to be scrubbed and brushed, seats will need to be vacuumed, and numerous other surfaces like dashboards and windows will need to be wiped down. Although this isn’t everything that will need to be done, it gives you an idea of just what is necessary, and why clients will want this type of auto detailing done—it’s a kind of clean that will be difficult for clients to do themselves.

A Proper Auto Detailing Will Maximize the Resale Value of the Vehicle

Those with an auto detailing career will know how to give a client’s vehicle a much-needed restoration in terms of not only its appearance, but also its resale value. This is especially the case for when it comes time for the client to resell it, either by themselves or after trading it with a dealership. The ability to improve their value is partly why great auto detailing services are so coveted by clients. In fact, dealerships also often hire auto detailers precisely so they can make used cars look more appealing to car buyers. Making a car’s upholstery, exterior parts, and even the motor under the hood, look clean and as close to new as possible can help the seller command a higher asking price.

Auto detailing can increase the resale value of a vehicle
Auto detailing can increase the resale value of a vehicle

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