Pursuing Dispatch Training? 3 Top Skills of Successful Driver Recruiters

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Everywhere you go on major highways, you’ll see trucks buzzing towards their different destinations. Trucks are an essential part of many companies in different industries, as they play an important role in logistical operations, such as delivering goods intended for end consumers. As a result, hiring qualified truck drivers with the right skill set is vital to the success of many business operations.

Companies rely on driver recruiters to screen and select the perfect candidates to represent their company’s brand on the road. At ATC Montreal, you’ll get hands-on training in dispatching and transportation operations that’ll help prepare you for a successful career as a driver recruiter.

Read on to discover what skills a driver recruiter needs to be successful!

1. Stay Organized After Your Dispatch Training

As a driver recruiter, you’ll need to stay organized. Your position requires you to handle many things simultaneously, and without organization, you won’t be able to keep track of your duties and responsibilities. Management will rely on you to set up a candidate database, review many candidate applications, carefully select potential truck drivers, set up various interviews, and post hiring positions on various job sites. To stay on top of all these tasks, it’s beneficial after your dispatch training to practice arranging and structuring your folders, calendars, and emails, as well as create and maintain a to-do list. This will get you to prioritize tasks and go through them with ease as you work towards your recruitment goals.

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Develop and improve your organizational skills to be ready as a driver recruiter after dispatch training

2. Be Strategic in Your Recruitment Process

When you become a driver recruiter after your dispatcher courses, you’ll need to be strategic and have a plan of action. It’ll be up to you, using your knowledge, expertise, and the company’s business needs, to plan strategically. You’ll have to plan what routes you’ll be recruiting for, what platforms and channels you’ll be using to post positions, and what times are suitable to connect with potential candidates. Developing your ability to plan and think strategically will help make you proactive in your career and will help you succeed as a driver recruiter.

3. Learn to Establish Relationships

When you get in touch with potential candidates, you may find yourself with limited time to have meaningful conversations with them. Even so, you’ll have to put the time and effort into getting to know them and establishing long-lasting relationships along the way. Don’t treat potential candidates as just leads, or a number added or subtracted from your list.

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Establishing relationships with your candidates helps with your recruitment process

By communicating with, listening to, and understanding your potential candidates, you’ll get a sense of what they’re like beyond their technical qualifications. You’ll also get a sense of what they’re looking for with regards to their personal and professional goals. This provides you with valuable insights on any adjustments your company may have to make to accommodate them, or what benefits to include that will help you find the perfect candidates for the job.

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