Pursuing a Career in Logistics Management? Check Out the Industry’s Best Software

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There is no better time to secure a career in transportation logistics. With more and more companies offering delivery options to consumers, the shipping sector is rapidly expanding –needing specialized professionals to effectively manage the growing distribution system.

Positions are opening in careers from load planners, to dispatchers, to driver managers and more. The right training can help you find your place in this industry, and help coordinate supply chains that reach from factories to homes around the world. And modern tools give transportation logistics a new and exciting edge!

If you are planning to enroll in dispatch and logistics courses, or you have already started your program, read on to learn about some of the industry’s best software programs.

Efficiently Manage Logistics with Tracking Software

Once you have earned your diploma, you’ll secure a position among dozens of professionals working toward the same delivery goals. You will be the person ensuring these deliveries run smoothly, and tracking software will help you on your way.

FleetMatics GPS Tracking uses GPS to track the locations of carriers in a fleet, with a live web-based feed. Tracking carriers can give professionals an idea of the bigger trucking or shipping picture, as well as an accurate measurement of a fleet’s performance and fuel efficiency.

Varsity Logistics offers “seamless supply chain management.” It’s a web-based tracking platform that uses barcode/RFID scanning to track containers and carriers throughout their journey down the supply chain.

Easy Brokerage for Transportation and Logistics

An expert with a career in logistics management recognizes the financial professionalism needed to manage a successful shipping business. Instead of hiring a broker to arrange transactions between supply chain buyers and sellers, one can now download software to guide the pricing process.

Tailwind TMS is highly rated in handling all aspects of brokerage in the freight industry. It’s programmed to “handle commissions, customers, vendors, fuel tax, invoicing, billing, and more.” Putting these processes online can also help companies save money and trees by going paperless.

Managing Transport Logistics’ Warehouse Link

Today’s customers want to know where their products come from, and trust that their money is being put to good use. You don’t want customers to discover their products are faulty or cost extra due to mishaps at the sorting and warehousing level. Software helps warehouses be their most efficient.

3PL Warehouse Manager is a top warehouse managing system, built specifically for logistics providers. It helps logistics managers keep their warehouses organized and up to scratch. Customers can even log on for process visibility, automated status reporting, and more.

Tools for Efficient Dispatch Management

Graduates of dispatch and logistics school know that dispatching carrier fleets is a large and complex responsibility. These professionals make use of state-of-the-art training and software to ease this process and boost their efficiency.

Pantonium is software that enables order entry, dispatch, scheduling, and routing. Trained professionals can download this software, input their fleet specs, and work to find the most efficient dispatching options.

Auditing for Transparent Transportation Logistics

As with any business that handles large quantities of products and exchanges of expenses, those in freight-forwarding must also work toward total financial transparency through auditing.

Parcel Audit is auditing software tailored particularly for transport logistics chains. It promotes “business intelligence” with “no up-front costs,” making it a great choice for logistics managers with less experience at the start of their rewarding careers.

Are you interested in enrolling in a transportation and logistics college? Visit ATC for more information or to speak with an advisor.


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