Pursuing Auto Mechanic Training? Consider Becoming a Front End Technician

As you gain the experience for a career in the auto industry, you can work towards becoming a front-end technician, who has the technical skills and expertise for a successful career servicing and repairing customer vehicles with confidence. As a front-end technician, you’ll have the opportunity to work on various aspects of a customer’s vehicle.

At ATC Montreal, you’ll receive hands-on training in the auto mechanics industry. You’ll learn how to inspect, test, and diagnose faulty operations in vehicles, and work on the mechanical components of vehicles such as suspension systems, transmission, drive axles, shafts and much more. Your training will prepare you for a career as an auto mechanic, with opportunities to advance as a front-end technician. Read on to learn more about becoming a front-end technician!

You’ll Repair and Service Vehicles With Minimal Supervision After Auto Mechanic School 

When you launch your entry-level career as an auto mechanic, you’ll learn about all the details of working around an auto repair shop. You’ll use the skills and knowledge that you’ve gained from your hands-on training to work under the guidance of supervisors and other experienced mechanics as you service and repair vehicles. By learning how to become a mechanic through training at ATC Montreal first, you’ll be ready to carry out general repairs and maintenance around the auto shop with other experienced mechanics as you master the trade. As you gain experience, you can work your way up to becoming a front-end technician, where you’ll be able to arrange and align frames, wheels and axles on your own with minimal supervision. You’ll also take on the responsibility of installing shock absorbers, straightening steering rods and axles, installing new auto parts using regular hand tools and much more.

After your auto mechanic training and work experience, you can work with minimal or no supervision as a front end technician

Showcase Your Communication Skills

After you complete your auto mechanic training and launch your career in the field, you’ll have to develop and improve your communication skills regardless of the position you’re in. Your job as a front-end technician requires you to interact with customers on a daily basis. Developing your communications skills allows you to liaise effectively with customers, supervisors and fellow co-workers both verbally and in writing. As a front-end technician, you’ll have to read and understand job task instructions and memos when servicing customer vehicles. You’ll also use your strong communication skills to explain services to customers, collaborate with colleagues and communicate what parts will need to be purchased.

As a front end technician, you’ll showcase your communication skills as you interact with customers

An Exciting Career Path and Salary Expectations

When you become a front-end technician and gain experience in the role, you’ll have the opportunity to further advance your career path and goals. With experience in your role, you can later apply for positions as a supervisor or assistant manager and work your way up to the role of operations manager around the auto shop. You’ll also be happy to know that the average salary for a front-end technician in Canada is $53,781 per year. With more experience under your belt, you can make up to an average salary of $54,854 per year in this dynamic role.

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