Pursuing an Auto Mechanic Career? Top 3 Fast & Fuel-Efficient Cars

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Every auto professional knows that finding a car that’s fast as well as fuel-efficient can be quite the challenge. And since gas prices are so unpredictable, it should come as no surprise that most drivers tend to opt for efficiency over speed and drive. However, with new automotive technology on the rise, industry experts have found ways to combine the best of both worlds, creating cars that are both fun to drive and easy on the wallet where gas bills are concerned.

If you’re enrolled in an auto mechanic college or you’ve recently started your training, read on to learn how these five cars are capable of reaching quick speeds and getting great mileage.

1. Honda Civic: A Favourite Amongst Auto Mechanic Career Pros

When comparing fuel-efficient models, auto professionals know that the Honda Civic is always a top-rated choice. In fact, this particular model has been honoured with many awards over the years, including both the North American Car of the Year and the AutoGuide.com Car of the Year awards.

The 2016 version of the Honda Civic is available with one of two brand new Earth Dreams four-cylinder engines. These include a 1.5 turbocharged, direct-injected 4-cylinder engine that gets 174 hp, and a standard 2.0 4-cylinder engine that gets 158 hp. The 2016 Civic also comes equipped with Eco Assist, which helps drivers conserve fuel by automatically engaging the car’s engine and other systems to help it run more efficiently. The fuel economy of this car is approximately 7.8L/100km in the city and 5.9L/100km on the highway. Graduates of mechanic colleges know that this efficiency is impressive for the Civic, which is quite sporty, powerful, and a lot of fun to drive.

2. Mazda Miata MX-5: Compact, Convertible & Efficient

Anyone pursuing an auto mechanic career will definitely want to get under the hood of this convertible. Not only is it fast, with a top speed of approximately 209km/h, but it’s also fuel efficient, with a fuel economy of 9.8L/100km in the city and 7.35L/100km on the highway.

The new 2016 Mazda Miata features a SkyActiv, 2.0-litre, four-cylinder gasoline engine, which sends 155 hp and 148 pound-feet of torque to the car’s wheels. The engine can be paired with either a six-speed manual transmission, or a six-speed automatic gearbox.

Get a glimpse of the 2016 Mazda Miata here:


3. Fiat 500 Abarth: Grads of Mechanic Colleges Know this Car is Sporty and Efficient

You don’t have to be a trained auto mechanic to see that this car probably does not consume a lot of gas, with its tiny body and its small engine. In fact, this iconic European car is not only fuel efficient, but it’s also reliable, offering a fun ride to drivers. The 2016 Fiat 500 Abarth is powered by a 1.4-litre four-cylinder turbocharged engine. The car comes standard with a five-speed manual transmission, but drivers can opt for a six-speed automatic transmission instead.

What’s most interesting about this particular model is the sounds that its engine makes when it takes off, which Car and Driver describes as ‘Ferarri-like.’ Auto experts know that this car is perfect for drivers who want the sound, feel and drive of a sports car, but with good fuel economy, as it gets 6.92L/100km.

The Fiat 500 Abarth on display at the 2015 Detroit International Auto Show
The Fiat 500 Abarth on display at the 2015 Detroit International Auto Show

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