Pursuing an Auto Mechanic Career? Here’s One CES Car That Could Grab Your Attention

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When it comes to showcasing new innovations in consumer products, including automotive technology, the annual Consumer Electronics Show offers one of the biggest stages in the world. This year’s event has featured numerous auto tech unveilings, but one of the most eye-catching came in the form of the high tech, fully electric Byton SUV. The first vehicle produced by the company of the same name, it features several firsts in car design – with digital connectivity being the overriding priority of the entire vehicle.

The Background: CES as Hi-Tech Shop Window

CES has a long history and track record of being an event where truly innovative and successful products are revealed. This goes back to the event’s early days in the 70s and 80s, when the likes of the Sony CD player and Nintendo Entertainment System made their fateful debuts at the show. Given the intertwined nature of consumer tech and modern cars, the show has become increasingly automotive-focused, with noted unveilings like the Chevy Bolt’s debut in 2016 making major waves.

With a string of auto companies present this year, the appearance of a game-changing vehicle at the event is always a possibility. Byton will be hoping that an impressive showing at CES will translate into consumer buzz and sales further down the line.

Auto Mechanic Career Professionals Will Instantly Spot Major Break in Design

The most striking visual aspect of the Byton, especially to anyone who has taken automotive service technician training, is the replacement of the traditional dashboard. This part of the interior instead consists of an enlarged touch screen, accompanied by an additional screen in the middle of the steering wheel.

Company figures have stated that the goal is to merge consumers’ familiarity with using screen devices outside the vehicle with the driving experience. This screen inverts colour depending on the time of day, and can be manipulated using gestures or touch.

Add to this the fact that the SUV features the first rotating front seats on a production vehicle (which will give passengers more freedom when the car’s Level 4 autonomy is activated) and the brave new environment outlined by the Byton starts to become apparent.

You can see the Byton being presented at CES here:

Digital Primacy Clear to Those with Automotive Service Technician Training

For those considering an auto mechanic career, one question stands out. How does the vehicle actually perform on the road? By all accounts, the Byton is no slouch, with the more advanced of two planned models featuring an acceleration of 0 – 97kmph in 5 seconds, a 500km range on a single change, a 95 kWh battery and an output of 476bhp. Pricing for the Byton begins at approximately $55,000 CAD.

Crucially however, this means the Byton is both slower and more expensive than Tesla’s Model 3, which is considered the model to beat in this field. In an ever more connected world, Byton will be hoping that focussing on facilitating passengers in this digital environment will be their key to success.

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