How Pros with Auto Detailing Careers Protect Cars from Sun Damage

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While many people think of the winter as the worst season for car damage, some unsuspecting car owners don’t realize that the summer has its fair share of hazards too. More road construction can cause unwanted nicks and chips from loose gravel, dirt from road trips can damage paint, and hot highways increase the risk of blowing a tire.

Those aren’t the only factors that can cause vehicle damage during the summer, though. Although Canadians look forward to the summertime for some much-needed sunshine, the sun’s rays can cause irreversible damage to the interior and exterior of vehicles.

If you’re considering becoming an auto detailer, it’s likely that you’ll be tasked with helping clients fix and prevent sun damage at some point during your career. To get a head start, read on to learn how you can help prevent sun damage.

Pros with Auto Detailing Careers Use Wax to Create a Barrier from the Sun

Waxing is an important part of any good detailing job, and it’s also essential for protecting a car’s paint from the sun. Wax creates a tiny barrier between the paint and clear coat, and the outside world. Although miniscule, this thin barrier helps block the effects, like bleaching and fading, of the sun’s rays. Most professionals with an auto detailing career will suggest opting for a wax that has UV protection, as it offers another measure of protection against the sun.

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Keeping the surface of a vehicle waxed helps block damage from the sun

Remove Caked on Dirt and Grime from the Surface of the Vehicle

Leaving dirt, dead bugs, bird droppings, and other grime on the surface of a vehicle is never a good idea, but it’s especially bad in the summer months. When a dirty car is left out in the sun, the heat can cause the grime to bake onto the surface of the vehicle. Bugs and bird droppings are especially damaging, as both contain acidic properties that can cause irreversible damage to a vehicle when left sitting for too long. Thus, a high-quality professional automotive detailing job to the exterior of a vehicle can help protect against damage.

Offer Conditioning Treatments that Can Help Protect Leather Interiors

When it comes to protection against the sun, the inside of a vehicle is just as important as the exterior. Understandably, car owners who have splurged on a beautiful leather interior will want to keep those leather surfaces in tiptop shape. So, if a client asks for your help protecting their car during the hot summer months, suggest a leather conditioning treatment with a UV component. Not only will it keep the leather moisturized and looking great, but it’ll provide much-needed protection from the sun.

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Applying a leather conditioner with UV protection can help block the sun’s rays

Pros with Auto Detailing Careers Recommend These Tricks to Prevent Sun Damage

Aside from applying specific products to prevent sun damage, there are some other tricks and tips that you can suggest to your future clients. First, suggest that your clients always park in a shady spot during the summer months. This will help protect their car, while also making the experience of driving it a few hours later much more comfortable.

Second, suggest that your clients invest in sun panels to cover the rear and front dashboards. Although some clients may find them annoying to remove every time they need to drive, they will benefit from lower car temperatures and reduced sun damage. Less sun damage can also lead to a higher resale value, which offers another useful benefit to using sun panels.

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