Pros with Auto Certification Give Back: 7-Millionth Civic Donated to Rally for Kids with Cancer

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After 29 years of operating in Canada, Honda has reached another milestone by recently having built its 7-millionth vehicle at its automotive production plant located in Alliston, Ontario. While the Ontario plant builds a range of the automaker’s popular models, the Japanese manufacturer’s 7-millionth car was actually a grey Civic EX sedan.

The company celebrated the production of this particular Civic by donating to the Rally for Kids with Cancer. The non-profit organization will auction it off and all proceeds will be given to charity.

If you’re planning to pursue an automotive career, read on to get the school on the specs of the latest Civic, and find out why automotive companies, like Honda, give back to their communities!

Honda Canada: A Brief History for Students Pursuing Auto Certification

In 1969, Honda opened its Canadian head office in Toronto, but it wasn’t until 1986 that the Japanese automotive giant actually started to build cars on Canadian soil. The Alliston manufacturing facility can be found just north of Toronto, and it consists of two assembly plants that build some of the brand’s most popular models. Honda also opened an engine plant in 2008, which is used to supply engines exclusively for the Civic.

Professionals with auto certification likely know that Honda’s Alliston location built and shipped many models over the years, such as the Pilot, Odyssey, Ridgeline, and Acura CSX and RDX. Today, the Canadian plant produces the CR-V and Civic, which is convenient, since the Civic happens to be the highest selling car in the country, and it has held this title for the past 17 years.

Honda: Giving Back to the Community

In celebration of building its 7-millionth car, the Japanese manufacturer donated the vehicle to a worthy cause— the Rally for Kids with Cancer. This is a reflection of Honda’s strong beliefs about giving back to its community.

In fact, Honda currently supports 16 prominent charities in Canada. This is because the company believes in the importance of using its success to make a positive impact. In 2005, the Honda Canada Foundation was created to help support Canadian charities. Since the foundation was created, Honda’s charitable programs have benefitted over 1.2 million Canadians.

“At Honda, we strive to be a company that Canadians want to exist,” said Jerry Chenkin, President and CEO of Honda Canada Inc. on the importance of automakers giving back.  “In order to execute this vision, the Honda Canada Foundation provides annual funding to registered non-profit charities across Canada in support of science- and engineering-based education, environment and family initiatives. For Honda, it’s more than just building goodwill through participation in local programs or about being recognized as a good corporate citizen – it’s about building a better community.”

By giving to local communities, Honda sets a great example of how an automotive company can use its time, employees and resources to make a difference in the world in as many ways as it can.

The Honda Civic: Specs for the Aspiring Auto Mechanic

The Civic’s continued safety and reliability ratings make it a favorite family vehicle, and its affordable price and fuel economy have made it an accessible option for many city dwellers. With the amount of vehicles that Honda builds in Canada, we can safely assume that students pursuing auto mechanic careers will have the opportunity to work on one someday.

The 2015 Honda Civic EX sedan comes with a wide variety of engine and transmission choices.  Most models are powered by a 4 cylinder, 1.8-litre engine that’s capable of producing 143 horsepower. The standard 2015 Civic engine gets 10 L/100km in the city and 7.8 L/100km on the highway. The lineup offers a wide range of options, so consumers can find exactly what they’re looking for—whether it’s speed and power or fuel economy.

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