What We Know About Project Titan, Apple’s New Electric Car

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Although the concept has been in talks for years, it seems that there is finally some substantial proof that Apple is designing and manufacturing an electric vehicle. Professionals in auto careers are already well aware that Google has been test driving their own self-driving vehicle around California, and many believe that Apple will soon follow suit. Read on to get the latest scoop on this exciting automotive endeavour.

 “iCar” in Talks for Years

Apple has always been at the forefront of computer technology – developing one of the first tablets and the first real Smartphone. Because of this, it’s not surprising that the company is also jumping on one of the hottest technological pursuits right now – electric vehicles.

Before his death, Steve Jobs expressed his desire to build a revolutionary car. Apple CEO Tim Cook has even hinted in interviews leading up to 2015 that there are several top secret projects at Apple which the public knows little about. Now, eyewitnesses have spotted an Apple van driving around Silicon Valley with strange equipment on top – what many believe is a prototype for the Apple car.

While we still know so little, the potential of seeing an iCar at dealerships in the next few years is certainly an enticing prospect for auto sales college graduates!

What We Know

Why all the talk about the Apple car now, when sources say it’s been in production for over a year? Recently there have been tidbits of information released across the internet – and people are beginning to fit the clues together. A Wall Street Journal report revealed an insider quote that there are currently “several hundred” employees working on a new electric vehicle at Apple under the codename “Project Titan”. On top of this, executives from Apple have met in Austria with Magna Steyr, an automobile manufacturer contractor. Apple has also hired ex-Ford engineer Steve Zadesky to allegedly head the Apple car design team.

As for the car itself, there are still very few details. As of now, the insider rumours reveal that it will be an all-electric (and potentially autonomous) vehicle, with a design similar to a minivan. If Apple designing an electric vehicle wasn’t enough, students at mechanic colleges may find it even more puzzling that Apple has chosen a minivan as the style of vehicle. The decked-out Apple van that has been seen driving around California could be a prototype for this new vehicle, however, others speculate it may actually be Apple’s version of Google Street View. Only time will tell.

Possible Merger with Tesla?

Tesla Motor, an innovator of electric vehicles, also has its headquarters in Silicon Valley. Recently, there have been reports that Apple’s chief of mergers has been in talks with Tesla CEO Elon Musk. While there have been no public details on what was discussed in this meeting, there are a few notions floating around.

The most obvious is that Apple is considering either partnering or buying Tesla Motors – whose staff of electric motor experts would work on the Apple car. Another scenario is that Apple wants to work with Tesla to develop longer lasting batteries for electronic devices like the iPhone. Either way, the meeting definitely raises some questions about what new announcements will be made this year from both Apple and Tesla.

What do you think – is Apple working on an autonomous vehicle?

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