Profitable Automotive Businesses to Explore After Automotive Service Training

The automotive industry is a lucrative and rewarding sector for any skilled trades worker. With a huge range of specializations, there is something to satisfy almost any interest. Those with automotive service training may find employment in businesses such as car dealerships, automotive custom shops, and repair facilities.

As the industry expands to meet consumer needs, skilled professionals are setting their sights on assisting or managing an automotive business. Businesses in this sector can be highly profitable, as vehicles require a consistent amount of repair and maintenance work. 

If you’re currently enrolled in automotive service training, here’s a look at some of the most profitable automotive businesses graduates might one day work in! 

Explore the Auto Repair Business

Automobiles require a lot of regular upkeep. That’s why the auto repair and maintenance business is one of the most profitable businesses in the industry. With new and updated vehicle models constantly being released, repairs are needed to keep today’s cars in good working condition.

If you’re looking to enter the auto repair business, you’ll need a strong knowledge-base on auto repairs, handy technical skills, and the tools required to complete the work to a high level. Graduates of automotive service operations courses will have the skill set to determine the feasibility of repair, calculate costs of labour and parts to fix, replace affected items, and communicate with collision repair managers. 

Graduates of automotive service training will have the skill set to evaluate and perform vehicle repairs

Work as a Mobile Mechanic After Automotive Service Training 

If you’re interested in auto repairs but are looking for a way to make your business that much more accessible, consider working as a mobile mechanic. Many people can’t drive to the garage when their car breaks down, so a mobile mechanic offers a convenient alternative.

Graduates of automotive service training will be equipped with the skills to determine the amount of structural, body, mechanical, or interior damage upon inspecting the vehicle. You can rest assured that your services will be in high demand as a mobile mechanic. Starting a business in this field requires a low startup investment and can be very profitable, as you eliminate the costs of renting a garage space. This type of business also offers a lot of on-the-go variety— allowing you to service vehicles in your customers’ homes, offices, and on the road. 

Take your services on the road as a mobile mechanic

Consider Starting a Car Wash Business 

The car wash business is one of the most stable and profitable businesses in the automobile industry. Car owners are increasingly using the service of a car wash on a regular basis, in order to counteract the effects of high dirt and pollution rates. 

A Car wash can be a simple business to run, but the most important part is having excellent customer service skills and being able to develop a strong clientele base. In order to generate high profits, you will need to develop a good reputation for your business by proving yourself to be reliable, efficient, and considerate in your services. With automotive service training, students will understand the foundation of store operations and management procedures within an auto body shop. Graduates can apply these skills to any business that relies upon developing a reliable and satisfied customer base. 

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