Professionals with Hybrid and Electrical Mechanic Training Will Geek Out Over the Rivian R1T

As expected of 2021, electric vehicles are increasing in popularity and there’s more demand for larger electric SUVs. Rivian, a relatively new American start-up, is set to break a record—releasing what could potentially become the world’s first fully-electric pick-up truck. The Rivian R1T is scheduled for distribution this summer, which means it will likely arrive before Tesla’s Cybertruck. 

With large investments bolstering their efforts, Rivian has already started manufacturing and testing the pre-production models. At 215.6 inches long, the R1T is sure to impress those interested in hybrid and electric vehicles. Here’s a closer look at what to expect in the upcoming R1T!

An In-Depth Look into the R1T’s Specs 

The R1T is designed with adventure, utility, and sustainability in mind. Like other EVs, the 2021 Rivian’s battery is positioned below the passenger compartment to maintain a low center of gravity. However, it features an electric motor on each wheel—equipped with the ability to perform what Rivian calls a “Tank Turn,” where the motors enable the car to spin on its axis by rotating the wheels in opposite directions. 

With an all-wheel-drive capability, the R1T’s electric powertrain is noteworthy—offering an impressive range on a single charge. Those in hybrid and electrical mechanic training will want to know about the different battery options (105, 135, or 180 kWh) and their varying performance levels. The largest battery option enables the R1T to travel over 400 miles while the smallest battery can provide around 230 to 300 miles of coverage on a single charge. Interestingly, the 135.0-kWh model is the fastest choice—boasting 754 horsepower and a claimed 0-60 time of 3.0 seconds.  

Here’s a short video of the “Tank Turn” in action:


A Breakdown of the R1T’s Visual Design and Capacity

The R1T’s interior design is thoughtfully constructed—with leather, wood, and plenty of cargo room to spare (including a spare tire well that also serves as an in-bed trunk). Storage is generous with an 11.0-cubic-foot front trunk as well as a 12.0-cubic-foot storage space between the lockable in-bed compartment and the passenger compartment. The R1T also comes with a collapsible crossbar system for mounting gear. Hybrid and electrical mechanics might be interested to know that the R1T can handle towing 11,000 pounds with a maximum payload of 1,760 pounds. 

The car also features large screen displays for both the gauge clusters (around 38.8 cm) and the infotainment system (around 31.2 cm). The touch screen interface controls basic functions, including climate and navigation. Driving assistance and safety functions are also taken into consideration. Equipped with hands-free drive-assistance technology, the Rivian R1T offers standard automated emergency braking, lane-departure warning and cruise control measures. 

A Brief Glance at the R1T’s Abilities for Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Mechanics

The R1T was truly designed and built for overland travel and it shows. The manufacturers have tested the vehicle rigorously—on rough terrain and long journeys. The “Long Way Up” is a 100-day long journey that covers around 20,921 km of travel, where the R1T made it all the way from Patagonia in South America to Los Angeles, California. The car also participated in a more recent event, called the “Rebelle Rally” (lasting 10 days and covering 2000 km of desert terrain). Both trips showcase the vehicle’s endurance and durability, emphasizing its ability for long-distance travel and heavy-duty capabilities.  

Check out the car’s performance in Rebelle Rally here:

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