Does Professional Automotive Detailing Make Car Owners Happier?

Professional automotive detailing can have a major effect on a car

There are numerous worthwhile reasons for customers to regularly visit an automotive detailer. From ensuring the cleanliness and integrity of their car’s exterior paint to having small scratches buffed out, the visual impact that a good detailing can have is considerable. These are all benefits in and of themselves, but how does such treatment influence the mood of the owner? We look at the deeper effects of detailing, and how the hard work of professional detailers has a big impact on drivers.

Studies Show That a Cleaner Car Tends to Make for a Happier Driver

Strong evidence now suggests the positive mental effects of driving a thoroughly clean car. A recent study conducted by an automotive group in the UK found that the vast majority of respondents reported a more positive mental state after having their car properly detailed. The study approached over 1,200 drivers from different backgrounds and with different vehicles. The results showed that 74 per cent of drivers recognized that a thorough detailing was a clear way to boost their mood.

Industry surveys have found a clear link between detailing and satisfaction
Industry surveys have found a clear link between detailing and satisfaction

This result speaks to the mental impact of improving a car’s appearance. Industry professionals have long theorized that this is true. A good detailing job can have a car looking like new all over again, reminding drivers of the pride they first felt when they bought their car. For students looking for a rewarding career, knowing that detailing work can have such a positive effect on a client is a clear plus.

Pros with an Auto Detailing Career Know the Impact of Clutter

As anyone building their auto detailing career will know, interior detailing can make a massive change in the appearance and feel of sitting in a car. Part of the reason for this is that detailing will also include the removal and tidying away of the likes of receipts, old wrappers, garbage, and more that has long been cluttering up the car. With the detailing process then going so far as to remove every minute bit of dirt from the dashboard, carpets, and upholstery, clients find themselves seated in a far more ordered environment. Studies have shown that this can be a considerable mental positive, with the removal of clutter being associated with reducing stress levels and even helping drivers perform better behind the wheel.

Professional Detailing Makes Young Clients Even Happier

The same study also threw up interesting facts that again speak to the mindset of owners opting for professional automotive detailing services. The survey noted that those who were happiest after having their car cleaned were those in the 25- to 34-year-old bracket. This was combined with results which demonstrated that drivers who have a higher income or who are retired were less likely to report feeling elated after having their vehicle detailed.

This suggests a picture where younger workers get more satisfaction and pride from their car’s spotless appearance than those who feel more stable and secure in their social status. For a young professional who might feel stressed or down, the emotional boost that comes with a good detailing could make all the difference in their day. It just goes to show that throughout your career, your kindness, professionalism, and hard work could have more of an effect on your clients than you might first think. It’s just one example of how valuable detailing professionals are, and why this career can be such a rewarding one to pursue.

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