A Preview of the 2023 Acura Integra for Mechanic School Students

For aspiring auto mechanics and car enthusiasts out there, you’ll be witnessing a blast from the past pretty soon, as Acura revives the Integra. The 2023 Integra is making its way into the sporty four-door sedan lineup and takes some inspiration from the all-new 2022 Honda Civic Si. Oh, and it also comes with some pretty cool features as well.

At ATC Cambridge, we want our automotive mechanic students to be thrilled about entering the field of auto mechanics. We love cars, and that passion is an important part of what makes this career path such a fun one to pursue. With that being said, let’s get into the specifics of the 2023 Acura Integra!

What Students in Auto Mechanic Training Will Want to Know About Its Performance 

Acura was going all out to satisfy a new generation with speed and control when it designed the 2023 Integra. With a turbocharged VTEC 1.5-litre four-cylinder engine that offers 200 horsepower, the 2023 Acura Integra shares some resemblance with the Honda Civic Si. Equipped with a 6-speed manual transmission, the Integra wants to inspire speed enthusiasts with race paddle shifters that offer a sporty feel to the touch with quick shift control. Acura also equipped the 2023 Integra with an Adaptive Damper System that includes an Individual Mode setting for personalization. This allows for adjustments to road conditions, offering sharper handling and a smoother ride. If an Integra just so happens to roll into your shop after you finish auto mechanic training, you’ll be in for a treat as you work on servicing its VTEC engine and sleek manual transmission system.

After auto mechanic training, you might get to work on the 2023 Integra’s turbocharged VTEC engine

Its Infotainment System Doesn’t Stand Out, But the Sound System Does!

As someone interested in auto mechanic school, you’ll probably notice that the 2023 Acura Integra doesn’t have much hype going on with regards to its infotainment system. Nothing really special is offered for infotainment that you won’t come across in other models. The 2023 Integra has a 7.0-inch display unit that offers reconfigurable information for the driver. The infotainment system comes with the standard Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and Alexa Built in. It also allows for voice activation for navigation, which is handy for accessing the weather or listening to music. However, when it comes to listening to music, drivers of the 2023 Integra A-Spec could be impressed by the ELS STUDIO 3D premium sound system and the car’s 16 speakers (which include roof speakers and a subwoofer). 

The 2023 Integra offers a standard infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

So, How’s the Interior of the 2023 Acura Integra?

With the 2023 Acura Integra, Acura was aiming for flair and functionality. The 2023 Integra offers faux-leather upholstery wrapped around its heated sport seats. The sports seats come with standard eight way power adjusters (for the driver only) in both the Integra and A-Spec package models, but not the A-Spec with Technology package model. For sports packaging, Acura offers an A-Spec Sport Appearance Package in both its A-Spec Package model and the A-Spec with Technology package model, but not with the standard 2023 Integra model. Only the Integra A-Spec with Technology package model offers synthetic leather trimmed seats with microsuede inserts. As for the Integra’s interior cargo space, Acura hasn’t disclosed any information about that publicly yet, but one thing’s for sure, we will find out soon enough! 

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