Prepping a Used Car During Your Auto Detailing Career

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When it comes to getting a pre-owned vehicle ready for sale, auto detailers have an important role to play. Potential buyers want to see a used vehicle that looks its best, and a professional auto detailer can help to get a car’s interior and exterior looking like new again. Detailers will want to give all the usual problem areas some thorough attention, as years of use may have left harmful mold in the seats, gunk and stains on the carpets, and plenty of dust in the air vents. Detailers can even go the extra mile by scrubbing the grime out from under the hood!

Read on to discover the essential steps to getting a used car looking rich and luxurious again.

Wash Away Dirt Caked on the Exterior of the Car

First impressions are everything when it comes to getting buyers to choose a used car. When there’s something off with the exterior of the vehicle, then there’s a pretty good chance that a buyer will move on to something else. Highly trained auto detailers can tackle cleaning the exterior of a used car by using a long handled scrub brush made from nylon or horse hair, and a solution of water mixed with a high-quality degreaser. Auto detailers can also trying using a foam canon if they want to loosen up dirt even faster.

Don’t forget those windows, rims, and tail-lights!
Don’t forget those windows, rims, and tail-lights!

What Pro Auto Detailers Look Out For When Prepping Used Car Interiors

When detailing the interior of a used car there are a few important spots that particularly need attention. The first is the steering wheel, which may be worn down and coated in all kinds of gunk and body oil. Grab a small detailing brush and your preferred cleaning spray and get to work scrubbing the wheel before wiping away any product residue with a cloth. Remember, steering wheels with leather or delicate coverings will need to be scrubbed gently so as to not leave any scratches.

Used cars, especially those that have been severely neglected, may also have harmful mold in the seats and carpets. Auto detailers will need to work on treating the mold but should abstain from using chemical sprays. Many mold removal products contain bleach and ammonia, which could discolour the upholstery. Instead, try using a delicate cleaning solution, like one made from white vinegar and water, which can help to eliminate mold without the risk of ruining the vehicle’s interior surfaces.

Grads With Auto Detailing Training Know How to Give Used Cars Their Shine Back

Another thing to keep in mind when prepping used cars during your auto detailing career is scratches. An auto detailer won’t be able to deal with major or deep scratches, but they can help to buff out some of those tiny minor superficial imperfections. This is often done in two stages: first by applying a medium polish, followed by a finishing polish or wax. In between the polish and the wax, detailers can use an isopropyl alcohol mixture on the vehicle to dissolve any oily residues left over from the polish.

A shiny car is guaranteed to impress buyers!
A shiny car is guaranteed to impress buyers!

Extra Details that Are Important to Consider During Your Auto Detailing Career

Professionals with auto detailing training should also consider giving the engine hub and all the other parts under the hood a good scrubbing as well. A clean and shiny engine, free from dust and spider webs, will really impress buyers when they come to check out a car. Some used cars may also have stained headlamps and dirty radiator grilles after many years of use, so it’s important to give those parts some extra attention. By having an eye for detail and going the extra mile, detailers working on used cars can help to breathe new life into these vehicles.

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