The Most Popular Vehicles in Canada Right Now: A Guide for Auto Mechanic School Students

The year 2020 saw many car owners driving a lot less often. With many people working from home as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, there was no longer a need to make the daily commute to and from the workplace. As such, Canadian sales figures for vehicles took a big hit. For the Canadians who did choose to buy a vehicle in the last year, car choices remained relatively the same as make and model selections of the most recent years.

So what were some of the most popular picks of the last year? We take a closer look here!

Ford F-150: A Classic Option For Those Who Love Their Trucks

As far as pickup trucks go, you can hardly do much better than this. Consistently the best-selling 4×4 in Canada, the Ford F-150 is beloved for its robust build, best-in-class towing, and extreme off-road capabilities. With trucks in higher demand lately than mid-size vehicles, cars in the Ford F-Series are as attractive as they’ve ever been to consumers. The F-150’s six available engines are the kind that many students in auto mechanic school might drool over. On top of that, the F-Series has been the country’s highest-selling pickup truck line for more than half a century, at 55 years. It has also been holding the title for highest-selling car line, period, for the past 12.

Honda Civic: Still Got It, Even With Pickups Taking Over the Market

A classic Honda model that frequently ranks among the top-selling cars in Canada, the Honda Civic has retained its crown for the 23rd year running. However, students in auto service programs might be surprised to learn that it has consistently remained within the top five in national car sales for the past three years. This is in spite of sales figures (just under 43,000 units sold in Canada) being nearly 40% lower than in 2008—a benchmark national peak sales year. The Civic remains a favourite among modern car owners for its pristine exterior, spacious interior, excellent fuel economy, and wide range of safety features on the inside and out.

Toyota Corolla: A Trend Auto Service Programs Students Might Be Shocked By

Known and loved by car enthusiasts for being a smooth, reliable ride, the Toyota Corolla continues to be a compact car trusted by many Canadians. 

Many drivers in 2020 bought the Toyota Corolla, known for its dependability and great gas mileage

Although sales for the Corolla dropped by about 30% during 2020, it trails only the Civic as far as units sold in Canada (over 33,000). Surprisingly, its drop in volume didn’t impact its appeal to car buyers—in fact, it saw a bigger share of the national vehicle market than last year. Even if cars of its type are generally struggling to find new owners right now, the Corolla’s stylish design, dependability, and gas mileage are among its selling points.

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