A Peek at the 2021 Audi A7 for Those Interested in Auto Careers

Audi has long been one of the world’s premier luxury car manufacturers. With the car maker’s 2021 A7 model, Audi’s commitment to combining prestige and performance is on full display. There are two trims under the A7 name in Canada: the Sportback and the more expensive TFSI e. Both offer exceptional tech and safety features, a sleek and refined design from the inside out, and an extremely comfortable driving experience. Combining an electric motor and a conventional engine, whichever version of the 2021 A7 a car owner opts for is bound to provide them with all of these factors, plus an emphasis on sustainability.

Here’s what automotive school students should know about the new 2021 Audi A7.

Exterior Features: Stylish and Eye-Catching from Top to Bottom

The Sportback’s and TFSI e’s exteriors are both defined by sharp lines and angles, deftly combining both style and substance. The TFSI e’s exterior boasts a wide and low design, with a sculpted hood and bumpers, resembling that of a classic GT sports car. 19” wheels come standard in both trims, with animated LED tail lights and headlights as options for the Sportback and standard for the TFSI e. Drivers can also opt for 20” wheels and a 20mm lowered suspension to further enhance the exterior. Better yet, drivers of both trims have a host of metallic paint finishes to choose from, to alter the aesthetic to suit their preferences. 

Check out the Sportback for yourself here:

The 2021 A7’s Interior, Tech Features, and How It Keeps Drivers Safe

There’s plenty for car owners and automotive trade school students to like about the interior, between the high-tech features and trademark leather upholstery. Drivers of the TFSI e trim see a customizable 12.3” HD display on their dashboard, with navigation, speedometers, and many other features shown. The A7’s tech features are highlighted by a double-touchscreen MMI touch response system, which allows drivers of both trims to customize the car’s functions to their liking. A power panoramic sunroof also comes standard in both trims.

Here’s another walk around peek for you:

Features like roadside assistance, stolen vehicle locator, and intelligent navigation are used by both trims to provide optimal safety and security. A series of sensors and cameras are also standard, and a Universal Traffic Recorder is also available in the rear and front, to record driving activity surrounding the vehicle. Not only that, but drivers of the TFSI e get a standard Premium 3D Sound System (including 16 loudspeakers), as well as a choice between 30 colours for their Ambient LED interior lighting.

Performance Specifications, and Why Auto Mechanic Training Students Will Love Them

Whichever trim a car owner opts for, both will come equipped with a quattro all-wheel drive system. Both trims use a 7-speed S tronic transmission, but other specifications vary between the two. 

The Sportback’s 3.0L V6 TFSI engine is turbocharged and boasts 335 horsepower. Both the Sportback and the TFSI e contain a maximum of 369 lb-ft of torque. Those with auto careers who have an interest in eco-friendliness will love how the Sportback trim also features a 48V mild hybrid electric system that can be used to save on fuel by recapturing energy while braking. 

Meanwhile, the TFSI e provides a maximum of 362 hp with a 2.0L TFSI engine, and goes from 0 to 100 km/h within a 5.8-second span. This trim’s battery also runs at 14.1 kWh, and the car itself offers electric, gas, and hybrid driving modes. The TFSI e also features an Intelligent Drive Management system, which uses predictive technology to make the best possible use of the car’s electric motor.

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