Opening Your Own Mobile Dent Repair Business After Car Body Repair Courses

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Are you interested in becoming an auto body repair technician, and have always dreamed of owning your own automotive business? By enrolling in auto body training, you can gain the necessary expertise to launch your own lucrative mobile dent repair business!

With low startup costs and the potential to make a great profit, mobile dent repair businesses are a great venture for auto body technicians. Owning your own business allows you to create your own schedule and be your own boss, while building something that you can be proud of.

Interested in opening a mobile dent repair business after auto body training? Read on for a quick guide.

Write a Business Plan Before Opening a Dent Repair Business After Auto Body School

After completing your car body repair courses, the first step in opening your own mobile dent repair business involves researching and writing a business plan. Creating a well-thought-out business plan is essential because it ensures that you’ve covered all your bases and considered any factors that could impact the success of your business. In addition, if you need to secure a small business loan from a bank, most lending institutions will want to see a comprehensive business plan.

The specifics of your business plan will vary, and if you need some guidance, there are plenty of business plan templates available online. Generally, business plans include a company overview, goals and objectives, SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis, competitive analysis, mission/vision/values section, marketing plan, budget, and future plans.

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The first step in opening your own mobile dent repair business is writing a business plan

Purchase the Necessary Tools for Your Mobile Dent Repair Business

After you’ve written your business plan and determined that opening a mobile dent repair business is both feasible and profitable, it’s time to start investing in your plan. Luckily, mobile dent repair businesses are fairly inexpensive to launch for trained professionals with auto body technician careers.

Depending on the exact services you provide, you may need to purchase a dent puller, dolly, sanding blocks, grinder, Bondo, and other supplies in order to be ready to start your own business. In addition, because you’re operating a mobile business, you’ll need an appropriate vehicle, like a work truck or van, to transport your equipment to and from appointments.

Get the Necessary Licensing and Insurance to Operate Your Business

The next step is to make your business official. In the province of British Columbia, you’ll need to decide whether you want your business to be a sole proprietorship, corporation, or partnership, as it will affect how you register your business, as well as your liability and taxes. Once you’ve decided on your business name and structure, you should then register it with the provincial government, and obtain a business license from your municipality. Remember that these steps will vary by province, and it’s always best to seek professional legal help if you’re unfamiliar with how to go about opening your own business.

Begin Promoting Your Dent Repair Services After Car Body Repair Courses

Now that you have your game plan, tools, and made your business official, it’s time to start promoting your business so you can earn your first customers! In the beginning, leverage as many personal connections as you can. Offer to work on the vehicles of your family and friends for a discounted price, and ask them to in turn spread the word so that you can begin growing your customer base.

To begin building your network, have professional business cards printed. You can leave them on the windshields of cars with dents, or even hand them out at places like your local grocery store. In addition, make sure to leverage online marketing. You can create a Facebook page, post to an Instagram account to show off your work, and build a professional website that lists your prices, includes information about your training and certifications, and some testimonials to show you’re running a reputable business.

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