What’s on Offer With ATC’s Online Automotive Training Programs

Want to start an exciting automotive career from your own home with a coffee in hand? These programs might be for you! Automotive Training Centres offers four different distance learning programs to help give you the tools you need to begin your career in the automotive industry, and receive industry-proven training during them.

Not only do you avoid having to physically go to an institution, but you can access your courses simply by logging in online from wherever you want. Additionally, you can complete the program at your desired pace within the span of a year.

With these programs to choose from, you can get started on a new, fulfilling career in the auto industry — and all you need is Wi-Fi. Here’s what ATC’s online automotive training programs can offer you.

ATC’s Business Manager Course Offers Automotive Training in F&I

For those who want to get into the automotive industry but are more interested in the financial and business side of things, this could be a great fit for you. ATC’s Distance Business Manager course introduces students to the F&I (finance and insurance) side of the automotive world, and teaches you various aspects of it that are necessary for success.

These include how to deal with lenders, the legal disclosure of contracts and documents to customers, and how to use computer programs for financing options and contracts. You’ll have a 12-month window to complete this course’s 11 modules, but you can do so at your own pace during that time.

Auto Body Collision Estimator: A Crash Course in Collision Repair

If your biggest interest is in taking auto repair courses to help diagnose and repair cars following an accident, you’ll definitely want to consider becoming an auto body collision estimator.

The auto body collision estimator course can teach you how to write estimates for repairs

With support from professional instructors, you can learn how to write estimates on a computer and in written form (including the times needed for labour, painting and repairing), including how to prepare them, the content of the estimates, the use of software to prepare them, and identifying auto body damage and construction. After completing the program, you’ll also receive a professional collision estimator certificate that will be recognized by the industry — getting your auto body career off to a great start.

Automotive Service Technician: No Time at the Shop Necessary

You might not have thought you could become a mechanic through an online course, but think again! ATC’s Distance Automotive Service Technician Course is a fully online program teaching you about the inspection, diagnostics and repair of vehicles, as well as brake systems, gas engine and fuel systems, emissions tuning, suspension and tires, and auto service shop procedures.

Using a game-based e-learning format, this program is interactive, comprehensive, and offers email support from your instructors throughout. The best part? You can get going on the program the day you enrol.

Transportation Safety Supervisor: ATC’s Newest Distance Program

The fourth and most recent addition to ATC’s roster of online automotive training courses is geared for aspiring automotive professionals who want to enter the transportation industry, similar to the Dispatching & Transportation and Automotive Service Operations programs ATC already offer.

The transportation safety supervisor course is ATC’s newest online offering

This program offers training that focuses largely on the National Safety Code and how transportation companies can operate within its regulations, and prepares you for a career that could involve you maintaining driver qualification files and records, designing and implementing policies for transportation safety, providing compliance and safety training, and investigating accidents.

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