Must-Have Optional Features to Sell After Auto Sales College

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When selling a vehicle, an important first step to follow is to help your client choose the perfect car for their needs. The next is to customize the car with optional features so that the client feels as if the car was built just for them.

There are so many optional features to choose from. From floor mats and bike racks, to leather seats and sunroofs, the options are seemingly endless. In order to help you suggest the best optional features to your future clients, we’ve compiled a list of some of the top must-have features available on the market today.

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Pros with Automotive Sales Careers Know Automatic Emergency Braking Is a Great Optional Feature

Some of the best optional features available today revolve around making vehicles safer to drive. Automatic emergency braking (AEB) provides drivers with peace of mind. They know that if they are distracted by something else on the road, or an object quickly appears in front of them, the car will intervene and bring itself to a safe stop.

AEB is commonly found in conjunction with forward-collision warning systems, which use audible alerts to let drives know if they are getting a little too close for comfort to another object or vehicle. Both safety features greatly improve vehicle safety, which is why you could recommend both to your clients after auto sales college.

Remote Keyless Entry Makes a Great Addition to Any Client’s Vehicle Purchase

While remote keyless entry isn’t as much of a safety feature as it is a convenience feature, it’s still worthy of being suggested to your clients! Remote keyless entry allows owners to unlock and access their vehicle without having to fish around for their key or FOB. Simply having the key in their pocket or purse will allow the driver to open the door when in close range. This feature could come in especially handy for families, allowing parents to easily open their car doors and trunk, even with shopping bags and children in tow.

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Remote keyless entry allows drivers to enter their car without reaching for their keys

Pros with Automotive Sales Careers Know to Recommend Parking Assist Systems

If there’s one driving maneuver that most drivers tend to avoid and dislike, it’s parallel parking, which is why parking assist systems are a fairly easy sell for professionals with automotive sales careers. The specifics of parking assist systems vary depending on the car, make, and model that you’re selling. However, most systems work by taking control of the steering wheel and using radar to detect the parameters of the parking space. In most cases, the driver still has to control the gas and brake pedals, while the vehicle takes care of the rest. Easy peasy, right?

Navigation Systems Are a Practical Add On to Any Vehicle

While GPS navigation systems have been around for quite some time, they aren’t often included as a standard feature in vehicles, despite the fact that they can come in extremely handy, especially for clients who love going on road trips. If you have a client who drives a lot for their job or is often taking their vehicle to unfamiliar areas, a GPS system can help them get where they are going without running the risk getting distracted while fumbling with a cell phone or map.

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Navigation systems provide added convenience to drivers

Pros with Automotive Careers Can Recommend Wireless Charging

Many people today are always on the go, which is why we rely on our cell phones for almost everything; from banking and scheduling, to emailing friends and staying in contact with relatives. Because of this, it’s becoming more and more important to be able to charge devices conveniently while on the go. Suggest your clients opt for a wireless charging port when purchasing their vehicle. They may not even be aware that this feature exists, so make sure you show it off during the test drive!

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