Morgan Motor Company Celebrates 65 Years with a New AR P4 Model

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If there’s one thing every car lover can agree on, it’s that old cars are timeless, well-crafted and never get boring to fawn over. The Morgan Motor Company is one auto manufacturer that refuses to give up this aesthetic. For over a century now, Morgan has been producing classic cars for auto collectors and its upper-to-middle class market. To celebrate its 65th anniversary as a company, Morgan will be putting out an all-new version of one of its classic models: the Morgan +4.

If you’re interested in working on both old and new cars as an auto mechanic, check out this new release by Morgan, and discover a little bit about the company’s history.

History of the Morgan Motor Company

The Morgan Motor Company was founded in 1910, by British car enthusiast Henry Morgan. The company made a name for itself selling three-wheeler vehicles, including V-twin and F-series cars. It wasn’t until the 1950s that Morgan took off with the production of its line of four-wheel +4 automobiles.

Although Morgan Motor Company never stopped making cars, its popularity slid in the face of fierce British competitors, like Rolls Royce and Aston Martin. Beloved for its ever-classic style, Morgan Motor Company has rebooted over the past few years, producing models such as the Morgan +8, the 204 horsepower Roadster, and the high speed Morgan Aero 8.

Auto Lovers Drool Over the Classic “4” Model

Although the “4” line of vehicles (a Morgan Motor Company staple since the 1950s) are not as sleek or aerodynamic as Ferraris, they’re most definitely beautiful to look at—and powerful too. Students at mechanic college might be surprised to hear that the original Morgan +4 used a 2088 cc Standard Vanguard engine, hydraulic breaks, and was driven at Le Mans in 1961.

Any seasoned automotive technician would certainly love to get their hands on one of these classic, vintage vehicles—and now they can, with the “4” line reboot which is said to be unveiled in late 2015.

What to Expect from the New AR P4

Morgan will only produce 50 of its new AR P4 model for its 65th anniversary, ensuring the vehicle’s rarity as a collector’s item. The new P4 will have a Cosworth 2.0L engine, which will produce 225 horsepower. Morgan will be adding some exclusive features to this special vehicle, including LED lights for better road touring, adjustable shock absorbers, a revised chassis and all-new suspension. Keeping with tradition, the LED lights will still be placed in the classic circular headlight housings.

As for style, the all-new AR P4 will pair modern performance with the traditional Morgan aesthetic. This includes untrimmed and exposed aluminum panels, box-weave carpets and leather seats.

Would you be interested in seeing more classic car reboots during your auto career?

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