The Morgan EV3 UK 1909: Modern Auto Technology 100 Years in the Making

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The Morgan EV3 UK 1909 was originally in the spotlight at the Geneva Motor show earlier this year as a collaboration between two major British brands. The special edition vehicle includes ‘1909’ in its name since the companies who joined forces to create it—Morgan and Selfridges—were both established that year. Morgan is a name synonymous with classic British luxury cars and roadsters, whereas Selfridges is a chain of retail stores in the UK that keeps with the latest fashion, home, and tech trends.

Whenever two companies join forces to create a vehicle, it’s usually a sight to see, and the EV3 UK 1909 is no exception. If you’re planning on enrolling in an auto mechanic training school, read on to learn more about the unique auto technology behind the EV3 1909 edition.

A Modern Auto Technology Spin on a Classic British Racer

One of the most interesting features about the Morgan EV3 1909 is its unique chassis: it only has three wheels. Some veterans with auto mechanic training might know that this design was used in the 1920s to give race cars less weight in the rear so that they could easily maneuver corners. If you’re a car lover, you might know that one less wheel isn’t necessary with today’s lightweight auto technology, but two wheels in the front and one in the back sure does make for an interesting looking car!

Using modern tech, like an all-electric motor, really brings the classic design of the EV3 1909 into modern times. The UK automaker said it best by describing the vehicle as “retro-futuristic.” The EV3 1909 boasts rounded headlights mounted on the front end to go with its three exposed wheels. It also sports a bronze grille and detailing that pays homage to Selfridges’ iconic bronze name plaque mounted on their Oxford Street location in London, England.

Performance Specs that Would Impress Anyone with Auto Mechanic Training

The EV3 1909’s all-electric motors are powered by 20 kWh lithium-ion battery packs that allow the vehicle to travel between 195-220 kilometers on a single charge.

Courses in an automotive technology program will teach you that to reach top speeds, most electric vehicles typically have two separate motors: one to power the front axle and one to power the rear. In this case, the EV3 1909 uses a single liquid-cooled electric motor to power the rear wheel, which is capable of hitting a max speed of around 150 km/h. The vehicle produces around 62 horsepower, and can go from 0-100 km/h in under 9 seconds.

A Fine British Automobile Isn’t Complete Without a Driving Kit!

Purchasing a car that was designed in collaboration with a fashion retail chain certainly has its perks. The EV3 1909 will come with a trunk full of British-made attire to give drivers an authentic feel. The driving kit includes a Christopher Raeburn jacket, Linda Farrow driving goggles, and Alexander McQueen driving scarf, along with gloves, a cotton jacket, a fitted cap, and a pair of stylish driving shoes.

Staying true to the ‘1909’ car’s name, Morgan only built 19 models of the special edition EV3, with nine items in the driving kit.Want to enroll in an auto technology program that will teach you how to work on all-electric vehicles?

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