A Look at Mobile Tire Installation for Car Repair Experts

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It’s the kind of tire installation service that’ll save car owners a trip to the shop. Mobile tire installation is where auto experts come to clients to install brand new tires on their vehicles, instead of the clients having to travel to the garage themselves. A number of tire companies offer their own mobile services, which have become popular due to their convenience.

This type of service helps to make the tire installation process a little easier for car owners, and it’s something worth learning about for anyone hoping to enter the auto repair industry. Here’s what you need to know about mobile tire installation.

Mobile Tire Installation Can Provide Various Types of Tire Services to Clients

Car repair services where highly-trained technicians visit clients as opposed to the other way around can come in various forms. Despite their name, mobile tire installation services often do more than simply remove tires and install brand new ones. In fact, some services will offer to repair tires (including flat ones), install new rims, and provide auto detailing. Companies may also offer clients wheel balancing, tire mounting, seasonal changeovers, and replacement tire installation. These services are also often warranty-approved.

Those aspiring to become auto mechanics will likely enjoy the type of equipment certain companies use for their services, such as wheel-balancing devices that tell the auto professional exactly how even the placement of the wheel and tire’s weight is when combined. Some of these devices even come equipped with a semi-automatic tire changer, air compressor, and touch-screen displays. With a variety of services like this, it’s not hard to envision the future of car repair being out on the road rather than in a repair shop.

Experts use wheel-balancing devices as part of their equipment
Experts use wheel-balancing devices as part of their equipment

Auto Mechanics Will Like How Several Companies Offer Mobile Tire Services

Major tire companies like Bridgestone and Goodyear offer car owners their own mobile services for tire installation. In particular, the latter allows for clients to use the company’s website to find the correct tires they need based on their car’s tire size, type of car, or even license plate. They can then schedule an appointment at a specific time or location (whether their home, workplace or otherwise), after which any of a team of car repair experts will visit them along with the new tires before installing them. 

Many other tire service companies offer clients the opportunity to book mobile tire installation through an online booking system, allowing them to quickly set up appointments and get their tires serviced without waiting at the shop. Furthermore, some services will offer to store clients’ tires all year, for clients who may not have enough space at home—adding to the convenience the services already provide.

Car owners can use online booking systems to make an appointment for mobile tire installation
Car owners can use online booking systems to make an appointment for mobile tire installation

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