A Look Into Mobile Mechanic Businesses for Future Auto Service Advisors

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Mobile mechanics can come right to a customer’s home or office to provide services

When a customer steps into your garage, it’s likely that they’re taking valued time out of their day to have their car serviced. Customers often see getting their cars fixed or tuned up as both costly and time consuming. However, a new approach is gaining popularity and it’s proving to be beneficial for both customers and garages alike.

Rather than have the customer bring their car into the repair shop, mobile mechanic businesses go to where the customer is instead. Mobile mechanic businesses travel to a customer’s home, apartment, or workplace to repair their car, so that customers can continue on with their daily lives without making the trip to and from the garage. There are several different companies all over Canada that have started providing this service, and already they are seeing a great response.

If you’re interested in a career in the automotive industry, read on to discover more about this new trend.

Auto Service Advisors Working for Mobile Mechanic Businesses Provide Convenience

When a customer has a car issue or has scheduled maintenance, they have to go through the lengthy process of bringing their car to the garage, finding a way home, and then picking their car back up again. As an auto service advisor, you know this process can prove to be especially frustrating and time consuming for clients, and may even convince them to delay important repairs. That is why the mobile mechanic is the perfect answer to this need.

The mobile mechanic model allows customers to use an app or website to easily contact an auto service advisor or mechanic right away. The customer provides all the necessary information such as the make/model of the car, year, issue, or service required so that the auto service advisor can order the parts in advance. A mechanic then travels to the customer’s location, making the repair process more convenient than ever.

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Customers can call from anywhere for service

Automotive Service Advisors May Know Mobile Mechanic Businesses Can Charge Less

Another reason customers may find car maintenance stressful is the potential price tag that can come with it. If you’ve undergone automotive service advisor training you likely know that some car repairs can be pretty pricey.

Fortunately, mobile mechanic businesses offer a solution here too. Because they do not have the overhead costs of a huge shop, these businesses can pass the savings directly onto the customer.

Critics of Mobile Mechanic Businesses Worry Mobile Mechanics Can’t Provide Proper Service

While there are certainly many advantages that come with mobile mechanic businesses, some critics aren’t totally convinced by this new trend. They worry about a mobile mechanic’s ability to perform proper service, given that some bigger and more specialized tools might not be easy to transport.

Many experts point out that mobile mechanics are able to provide routine maintenance and smaller repairs without a problem. However, bigger repairs such as engine replacements may be difficult or impossible to provide through this new approach. As a result, many believe that while the popularity of mobile mechanic businesses may keep growing, traditional garages will also continue to be an important part of the auto industry.

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