Meet the ‘Telepresence’ Robot Working Alongside Professionals with Auto Careers

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We all know that robots are being used in automotive factories regularly now. In 1962 the first industrial robot went online at the General Motors automobile factory in New Jersey. It was developed by George Devol, was named UNIMATE, and performed spot welding. Robots have come a long way since. They are now not only playing a large role in the manufacturing of automobiles, they are also assisting in garages as well.

What we are just beginning to see is the presence of robots that help with repair cars in garages. Audi is making strides to bring automated robots into the garage to help car mechanics complete tune-ups more efficiently than ever before, and maybe even at a lower cost too.

Read on to discover how the ‘telepresence’ robot is working alongside car mechanics, and what it might mean for those pursuing auto careers!

A Brief History Of Industrial Robots For Students Looking For Auto Careers

George Devol coined the term universal automation to describe his first programmable robot named UNIMATE. This robot could be re-programmed to perform different tasks, but was primarily used to transport parts and weld. Devol gave birth to the industrial application of robots, which led to some amazing feats. In 1981 Rakeo Kanade built the first direct drive robot arm that had motors installed directly into the joints of the robot’s arm. In 1994 control systems emerged that allowed two robots to be synchronized, which allowed them to work together. Now, Audi is implementing robots that allow for technicians at its headquarters to remotely supervise its mechanics at dealerships.

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One of the first industrial applications of robotics was used in welding

Audi’s New Robot May Soon Join People With Auto Careers

When you move into an auto body estimator career and begin to work in an automotive garage, there’s a chance you may one day be working alongside robot colleagues. Audi has recently implemented what it calls ‘Audi Robotic Telepresence’ robots in order to assist dealership technicians in their day-to-day repairs of Audi’s vehicles. Currently, the robots are being used at about 18 dealerships across the globe, with about 80 more coming soon.

Check out the video below to see one of these ‘Audi Robotic Telepresence’ robots in action!

Looking For An Auto Career? Check Out The New ‘Telepresence’ Robot!

Audi’s new robot is formally named Audi Robot Telepresence (ANT) and is a handy new feature for mechanics in auto careers. Fitted with cameras and a screen, it is a robot that is remote controlled and rolls around the mechanic shop on wheels. It allows for mechanics in Audi shops to talk with experts in Audi’s technical centre at Auburn Hills, Michigan.

Automotive service garages have been continuously incorporating more and more technology into the fold since the beginning of the auto repair industry, but the incorporation of robots is quite the quantum leap. Audi service technician Ludolph recently tried out the new technology, and said he was surprised at the large amount of time that the ANT saved him, as the robot allows for mechanics to communicate with experts and technicians to help aid the process of solving tricky and confusing car issues.

ANT continues the long history of robots working in the automotive history and shows what the future of automotive repair could be. Soon enough, repair technicians might not be looking up issues in car repair catalogues, but simply asking robots and using them to communicate with colleagues in remote places.

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