Considering Mechanic Training? 3 Benefits of Having an Auto Industry Mentor

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What if someone told you there’s a way you could peek into the life of a professional auto mechanic, learn from their mistakes, and benefit from their wisdom. Would you want to do it? You, among many other students or future students, could greatly benefit from building a strong professional relationship with an industry mentor, which would allow you to do all of the above and more.

Mentors are an extremely valuable resource for individuals just starting out in the automotive industry. They can provide advice, guidance, and even just a listening ear when you need it. Mentors have been known to help propel careers towards success and open professional doors. Your mentor might be a family friend, acquaintance, or even one of the dedicated and experienced instructors at our school.

If you’re considering enrolling in auto mechanic school, make sure to read on about the value a mentor could add to your studies!

1. Mentors with Careers in the Auto Industry Provide an Experienced Perspective

Imagine going through your career with accurate hindsight. You’d know which mistakes to avoid without having to learn any of those lessons the hard way first. That’s the value you get from a mentor. Mentors have gone through it all, including mechanic training and starting and advancing their career, with many accomplishments in between. All that professional experience provides mentors with valuable insights that can help you during your career and education.

It’s likely your mentor has already encountered a situation you’re in—perhaps on more than one occasion. This makes a mentor the ideal person to bounce ideas off of. And because mentors are often free of bias, they will be able to offer you unfiltered advice. This honesty can help take your career to the next level.

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Mentors provide honest, unbiased advice

2. Mentors with Careers in the Auto Industry Have Valuable Professional Connections

It can be a bit stressful for some students to start looking for careers in the auto industry. However, applying for jobs and going for interviews doesn’t have to be scary. When you have an experienced industry mentor, you can benefit from their professional connections and advice, which can help you get your foot in the door.

Your mentor will likely have worked in the automotive industry for a long time and could even know plenty of local auto shops and businesses. When you start your job hunt, they can spread the word to businesses that might be looking for new employees. This could help you find promising job openings that may not even be posted to the general public.

careers in the auto industry
Mentors can provide valuable professional connections

3. Mentors with Careers in the Auto Industry Hold You Accountable

Do you have big career dreams you want to accomplish after your auto mechanic training? If so, a mentor could be a valuable motivational resource. Even the best self-starters can have trouble starting a big, overwhelming project. A mentor can help hold you accountable for things you want to accomplish.

For example, if you meet regularly with your mentor, you can try setting goals and deadlines at each meeting. Then when you come together at your next meeting, you can discuss whether or not you’ve achieved those goals. Knowing someone is counting on you to do your best will help you start working towards your career goals!

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