Going to Become a Mechanic? Check Out the 2020 Volkswagen Grand California

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Volkswagen is famous for its camper vans and its new Grand California shows why. Based on the Crafter (but much larger), the new camper van from Volkswagen references the old VW buses. The Grand California camper needs a bigger parking spot than the previous California and as expected it is also a more luxurious ride.

The Grand is VW factory-built and reviewers are saying it might be the best camper van available right now. That is, if you live in Europe and have an extra £70,000 (that’s around $118,000 Canadian dollars) lying around. Of course, like many others, you might just be interested in the impressive specs under the hood and features inside the camper.

The Grand California Has Impressive Specs

The standard Grand California will have front-wheel drive. You can upgrade to 4Motion all-wheel drive, which automatically redirects power to the wheels that need it most so it is good for different weather conditions.  It has a 2.0 litre four-cylinder TDI (turbocharged direct injection) engine, an eight-speed automatic transmission, 175 bhp, and 302 lb-ft of torque to the driving wheels.

There are also features like a smart safety system with hill-start assist and crosswind assist, automatic emergency braking and other systems that anyone in an auto mechanic training program will be interested in learning more about.

If You Become a Mechanic You’ll Want to Know: How Does the Grand Drive?

According to those who have tried the van out the short answer to this question is “pretty well.” The engine is reasonably quiet, unless it gets close to its redline. The driving position is high and the windshield is widescreen aspect so it is not too difficult to drive through the occasional city on narrower streets. There are blind-spot monitors, so whether you’re driving the 600 or 680 versions of the Grand (which are 6.0 m and 6.8 m long respectively) it won’t take long to get comfortable on the road.

Like other camper vans, the Grand is very heavy, weighing in at over three tons. Despite this vehicle basically being a commercial van size, it is quite easy to get used to. The suspension is good for a van and the steering is slow, but it changes direction easily. Plus, there is a tight turning circle and highly responsive gear box.

Luxury Inside and Out

You can probably tell by the price tag and size that this van is a luxury vehicle with more amenities than the California. One of the most significant additions is that it has a toilet so you can set up almost anywhere, no longer in need of campsite facilities. It also has indoor and outdoor shower options.

There is a galley-style kitchen, a storable dinette for four and a fridge. In the 600 there is sleeping room for four with one double bed at the back and cubby bunk that pulls out from the roof.  The 680, on the other hand just has one double bed, but more space everywhere else. Both have several USB and 230v plugs and dimmable reading lights. When you become a certified mechanic you’ll be working hard and may want to find time for a road trip to enjoy nature and a fun vehicle too!

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