How to Match Auto Paint

Anyone who has ever been in an accident or even gotten a slight scratch on their vehicle would want to know how to match auto paint. This is a very common issue for car owners who would rather not deal directly with an auto technician and see their insurance rates rise, or even pay for exorbitant out-of-pocket repairs, yet feel competent enough to tackle the problem on their own.

Before you do anything, the first task at hand will be to find the appropriate paint colour that matches your vehicle. And how is this done? Start off by finding the original colour code for your car based on the manufacturer’s name, the vehicle model number and the year the car was manufactured. Once you have this information you should be able to check online on the manufacturer’s website for the specific colour code, though the odds of finding it or not depend on how old your car is. If that doesn’t work, you can also find the colour code on the vehicle’s identification plate.

If you’ve been successful in finding the exact shade of your vehicle, then the next step will be to order the paint from an auto body supply shop or repair shop. Ensure that you’ve mixed the paint sufficiently so that the colours will match. Even if you have selected the correct shade number, the colours should always be thoroughly blended. Make sure that you have selected a blendable colour. The blend on the vehicle will occur where the new colour transitions into the old colour. That way if the colours don’t completely match, then it will fool your eye into thinking that the colours are the same. After you’ve sprayed the area that you want to touch up, you should then mix the colour with a transparent colour base coat calleda clear.

With that mission accomplished, the next step in the job will be to prep the area. When starting with the prep job, you should first remove the old paint. Use a solution to rub everything off except for what’s in the chip. Once that’s done, then the hard part begins. Actually painting your vehicle! Though this sounds like an easy enough job, if you want a truly professional looking paint job, then be prepared to take your vehicle to an automotive painting technician because you may not achieve the results that you desire on your first try.

That being said, take a look at the video below for further tips on how to undertake a paint job on your own. Those currently in automotive careers, or with more experience than a first timer, may find the task simple enough and just need a few tips and pointers on creating a seamless blend on a tricky spot. Good luck!

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